Dollar Tree Organization Hacks For 2023 That Help Reduce Clutter

by Simplify

Are you looking for new Dollar Tree organization hacks? You may think you’ve seen all the Dollar Tree has to offer as far as organizing products but there are brand new items at the Dollar Tree. Organizing is cheap and simple with affordable products and a bit of innovation.

One noteworthy new item at Dollar Tree is the expanding organizer. They’re perfect for organizing drawers. Put some poster tack on the bottom corners of the bins so they don’t slide around inside the drawers.

The two-tiered wooden serving trays at Dollar Tree are great. To make it even more functional try this hack; take it apart and add wire baskets to each tray. Put it back together with the baskets and you have a two-tiered storage piece. It’s great for storing fruits and veggies.

If you’re looking to elevate your space but you don’t have a lot of money to invest, try some of Dollar Tree’s affordable design options. The peel-and-stick tiles make great design accents. They come in a variety of styles and create a nice aesthetic.

Organizing with hangers

You can even elevate the look of your closets with Dollar Tree’s black velvet hangers. Matching hangers may seem like a small and meaningless change but opening your closet to see a variety of hangers looks messy. The black velvet hangers look and feel high end. Opening the closet and seeing uniformity makes your closets look more organized.

Dollar Tree organization hacks

From the labels in the sticker section to magnetic hooks great for hanging things on the refrigerator, Dollar Tree has a wide variety of organizing solutions. Items like the solid wood, mini bulletin board, and tray with velvet pushpins prove that you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for affordable storage. Organizing your home fosters a greater appreciation of your space.

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