7 Fun & Crafty Home Organization Ideas on a Budget

Bob Clarizio
by Bob Clarizio

I wanted to go through seven awesome home organization ideas that would work in your tiny, full-sized, or any house. These are great ideas on a budget; you don't have to spend a lot to stay organized.

When it comes to tiny organization ideas, nobody knows it better than us, as builders of tiny homes. We have to organize many different things in so many different types of tiny houses. We work with so many people each year, helping them downsize and condense the amount of stuff they have and where they put it.

So let's get into it. Below are seven tiny home organization ideas that we love.

Dry goods storage

1. Dry goods storage

Number one, this is a fantastic concept. It's a long black box made from a couple of different pieces of wood. Within the primary storage are all different size containers that you can buy at your local home goods store.

This way, all of your dry goods, spices, and everything that you use to cook is right out there in the open, easy to find, and everything stays very organized. Nothing is allowed to be stacked in front of each other, which keeps things very efficient when it comes to finding things when it comes time to cook. 

Pallet coffee rack

2. Pallet coffee rack

On to number two. This little coffee rack is made from recycled pallets. This is a cool concept. The customer took a pallet, sanded everything down, created a few shelves, and added some hooks below to hang some coffee mugs. This is a great way to make something remarkable from reclaimed materials. 

Pallet wine rack

3. Pallet wine rack

Speaking of reclaimed, number three is even more incredible, just like number two. This is also a pallet that somebody had turned into a wine rack. The cool thing is one of the slats was taken off, and some notches were put into it to hold the bases of the wine glasses. Then it was re-nailed onto the bottom so that all the wine glasses could be stored nice. 

Crate shelves

4. Crate shelves

Next up is number four. These are some old crates that somebody decided to hang on a wall and create some shelves and a kind of shadow box effect. This isn't a new concept, but I thought I would throw it in. It's also a very cool farmhouse look to give it an extra touch. I figured it would be something cool to throw out there. 

Understairs shoe storage

5. Understairs shoe storage 

Now for number five. Number five, it has to be one of my favorites. This is an excellent concept. This is a set of stairs inside a tiny 

house. What you'll notice is it has a lot of cubby storage. But the cool thing is this shoe rack slides out from underneath one of the landings.

I like this concept a lot because in a stairs situation when you try to create hanging storage in a really low condensed area, it becomes frustrating. It's hard to find the clothes, and it's awkward to get to them.

So sacrificing the hanging storage down low and putting it up top allows for this nice pull-out rack for all your shoes. It's a cool concept for a tiny house because it slides away and keeps the space nice and tight. 

Sideways Murphy bed

6. Sideways Murphy bed

All right, on to number six. I like this one, too. Number six is an excellent concept. This is a fold-down bed, otherwise known as a Murphy bed. What I like about this particular design is that the bed goes sideways instead of up and down. It creates a much easier way to fold down the bed.

This works in a tiny house but can also work in your cabin or an extra guest bedroom that is more of an office when guests aren't in town. This is a very simple design and is very easy to make. Because it's on its side, it makes it not as heavy when pulling it to fold it down, and then it folds right up and away.

I also love the storage on the bottom side. This is an excellent design for both tiny and standard-sized houses.  

Staircase of drawers

7. Staircase of drawers

Lastly, number seven. Number seven is really cool. I want to apologize for upfront for the low-resolution picture. I found the best image that I could on this. This is one of my favorite designs. I haven't done it myself yet, and I'm dying to do this in somebody's house.

The cool thing about this is that this is a very tall storage container, but all of the bottom drawers (actually the entire assembly) pull out of it and create steps so that you can reach the top, and then it all pushes back away. This is by far my favorite design. 

Home organization ideas on a budget

All the challenges with living in a tiny house don't necessarily stop at a tiny house, including trying to find home organization on a budget. The organization ideas I've shared with you can work in anybody's situation.

As you learn to live smaller, you'll utilize your space more efficiently. I hope these ideas help you to make that happen. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Ella Ella on Sep 28, 2022

    The storage bins are cool, it would be more efficient if a clear vinyl panel was inserted in the front of the drawer in order to see at a glance what is stored inside.

  • Marion Collins Marion Collins on Sep 28, 2022

    We actually did a murphy bed in two rooms. It was too much for the one room, so we had to take it down. The other one is still there. It has been used a few times now. We have pictures that are fastened on it so they don't come off when you put the bed down. We do hope to use it more in the future.