7 Clever Storage Hacks & Home Organization Ideas

by Simplify

Kristen McGowan is an interior designer and a YouTuber. In her recent video, she shares seven storage hacks and home organization ideas that are easy to implement. With just seven simple gadgets, you can make your home look and feel so much better.

1. Things that you store at the back of the cabinet beneath your sink can be quite difficult to access. Kristen recommends RollOut Caddy Organizer that slides out. It comes in two sizes and is customizable.

2. You can use doors, including cabinet doors, to store your cleaning supplies. These renter-friendly super strong Spray Bottle Hooks create vertical storage space that will free up space in your cabinets. They make the supplies accessible but hidden behind the door to avoid visual clutter.

3. Use these Door Bins for your dishwasher pods, or any other small items you use daily: coffee pods, pens, sponges, etc.

4. If you eat greek yogurt, Kristen has found Yogurt Fridge Organizers that allow you to hang your yogurt, saving a lot of space and making your fridge look more organized. Each of these holds four yogurts.

Maximizing closet space

5. Many closets only have one rod, making it hard to optimize your closet space. This Adjustable Rod Extension will double your storage, using the space below the main rod that normally remains unused.

6. To minimize the number of hangers in your closet, use these Hanging Hooks: just slip these on top of your hangers to group your outfits or similar items.

7. Messy cords laying around create lots of visual clutter and look really messy. Kristen recommends a Cord Organizer that sticks to your appliances and keeps the cord wrapped.

Storage hacks & home organization ideas

These are Kristen McGowan’s best home organization ideas. Are any of these items going into your shopping cart? Let us know in the comments!

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To see more videos, check out the Kristen McGowan YouTube channel.

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