10 Clever Home Organization Hacks & Storage Ideas

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Kristen McGowan loves being organized and making her home look beautiful. She believes that good organization can help optimize spaces. In this video, she shares her home organization ideas.

First, Kristen explains that over-the-door storage can provide additional space in an otherwise wasted area. Kristan uses the Ikea Stuk door hanger to store her cleaning supplies.

Kristen organizes her shelves with a slip-on shelf divider that turns shelves into a multipurpose storage area, where everything has its own space.

Home organization can be fun and creative. To keep canned goods together, and to circulate cans, with the older ones in the back, and the newer ones in the front, Kristen uses a metal file holder turned on its side. It works almost like a vending machine.

Kristen needs a small broom and dustpan near where her cat eats because her cat often leaves a mess behind. She uses mop and broom hooks that stick onto the cabinet, to keep her cleaning supplies in an accessible area.

One of her favorite home organization methods is using hanging storage. Shower rings can turn the bar on the oven door into a neat storage area for oven mitts. They can also be slipped onto a hanger and used to hang hats in a closet.

Another hanging storage method that Kristen uses is shelf baskets. Shelf baskets hang from the shelf above and allow dishes to be separated in a way that is more organized, and looks great.

Home organization ideas

Kristen wants her laundry room to look great and be functional. She re-jars all the laundry products into decorative glass jars, that she puts on a tray, to keep them together.

Next, Kristen uses her Cricut to make customized labels for each jar. She also makes custom labels for her spices, which she re-jars into Ikea 365 glass jars.

On her shoe storage bench, Kristen hides the shoe clutter and saves space by placing shoes into attractive wicker baskets. It looks much better without shoes everywhere.

Home organization

Home organization can help you become more functional. It can also create a beautiful space, that feels good to live in. How do you stay organized? Let us know your home organization tips in the comments.

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To see more videos, check out the Kristen McGowan channel.

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    Absolutely love the organizational tips! My question is for the laundry room, what if I use liquid detergent?