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Hi guys! Today, I am reorganizing a small freezer and a large standing freezer. This is a freezer transformation for a family of five, including a mom, dad, one son in middle school, and two daughters in elementary school.

Let’s dive in and see what changes I made to these freezers, and perhaps this will inspire you to organize the freezers in your house as well!

One of my favorite things about organizing is tossing the extra packaging. It helps you to easily see what you have left, as the items are not hidden within these boxes. As a bonus, you also free up space!

Freezer transformation

Here is the “before” of this freezer. Nothing is in a designated place and items are placed in every nook and cranny, wherever they can fit. This means, of course, that it is time to create some zones.

To get started, I cleared out a dining table that would serve as my sorting surface, and emptied out the contents of the small freezer onto this table. I removed the door bins and the drawers and washed those up.

I quickly categorized the contents of this small freezer and placed all the ice cream and popsicles temporarily in the large freezer, while I simultaneously emptied the contents of the large freezer onto the dining table.

Freezer transformation

The bottom of the freezer was covered with colorful stains after a bunch of popsicles thawed when the freezer was accidentally left open, and then refroze in about a half inch layer.

Since this layer was so thick, I used hot water to clean the freezer in this instance, but only directly on the frozen layer.

I refilled this container with clean hot water and dish soap multiple times. This allowed it to loosen up and break off until eventually everything was all clean.

Next, I sorted the contents from both freezers into categories, including fruit, vegetables, prepared foods, raw meats, and seafood. Later, these categories were refined further.

Let’s take a look at the organization of the small freezer in the kitchen, in which I decided to place all the ice packs and small frozen treats, along with convenient breakfast and lunch items.

Freezer transformation

I placed the ice packs in the top shelf of the door, some vegetable scraps for homemade broth, along with a couple small random items that would get lost in the large freezer in the middle shelf, and some popsicles and yogurt tubes in the bottom shelf.

Freezer transformation
Freezer transformation

On the top shelf within the freezer, we have a sweet treat section. The popsicles are easily accessible for the kids with the open end facing out.

In the top drawer, we have breakfast items. Frozen fruit for smoothies are placed in baggies at the back, and some easy to prepare items are in the front for the kids to be able to have a peanut butter sandwich or grab a waffle to place in the toaster.

Freezer transformation

In the bottom drawer we have convenience lunch items that the kids can pop in the microwave or toaster oven.

Now let’s move on to the standing freezer, now organized by category.

Freezer transformation

In the door, we have the larger ice cream packages and some homemade leftovers.

Freezer transformation

Within the freezer, at the top, we have prepared foods in bags, which are now easy to see and choose from.

Freezer transformation

On the second shelf, the whole left side of this shelf contains all varieties of frozen potatoes that you can think of, with at least two open bags of each. I found them spread out in multiple locations within both freezers.

Now the duplicates are bagged together in large resealable bags, easy to see and choose from.

Freezer transformation

Next to the potatoes we have a variety of vegetables, also super easy to access.

Freezer transformation

On the third shelf we have some smaller packages of meats starting with hamburger patties. They have a picky eater in the house that will eat a cheeseburger any day. Now that they are all here together, it looks like we have 5 open bags of hamburger patties. I placed the bags with the least patties at the top and to the front so that those could be used up first.

Next to that we have some smaller packages of meat, and on the right there are some boxed prepared foods. The opened ends are placed to the front so that the homeowners do not have to remove the entire box until it is empty. In the meantime, they can just grab what they need out of it.

Freezer transformation

Finally, in the bottom drawer we have larger packages of meat and seafood, which are categorized by type as much as possible, such as chicken, pork, beef, fish, etc.

I hope to revisit this freezer organization with the homeowners after a bit, so we can decide if they need any bins that we can label after a little space is freed up.

Now that everything is easy to find, they can prevent duplicate purchases and use up what they have.

When you organize your deep freezer, if you find that you do need bins, it is best to use sturdy wire bins similar to the built -in drawer basket here as you need the cold air to circulate around your items so that they freeze properly and evenly.

Freezer transformation

I hope I have inspired you to try and get your freezer nice and tidy, and maybe even given you some ideas on how to organize it most efficiently.

When was the last time you organized your freezer? Is the stuff you put there normally categorized or do you just stash things on top of one another? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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  • Sue Curtis Sue Curtis 6 days ago
    Good suggestions. I live in hurricane area and learned from Hurricane Katrina to store items in inexpensive plastic dishwashing tubs. Much easier to clean mess if meats defrost. I label the bins with categories
  • Gbe69776730 Gbe69776730 6 days ago
    You inspired me. I will get several plastic wash bins to organize items in catagories on the shelves. Fruit, veg, meat, chicken, frozen foods, snacks., icecream. Thanks for sharing.