Pantry Organization Ideas: How to Organize Your Pantry in 6 Steps

Allens Ever After
by Allens Ever After

I want to share some pantry organization ideas. I'm reorganizing my pantry because this mess is costing me money. What happens is, I go into the pantry and look for something when I'm cooking, and I can't find it. This results in me going to the store to buy it and getting home only to find out it was in the pantry all along. Sound familiar?

Clearing out the pantry

1. Clear out the pantry

The first thing I did was clear everything out of the pantry. You don't want to pull things out willy-nilly because that will cause more work for you later in the process. I put all like items together to make it easier on myself when it's time to put everything back.

This also allows you to take inventory of everything you have, so you're not going to the store and buying all these duplicate items and spending money unnecessarily.

Wiping down the shelves

2. Wipe down the shelves

Once I cleared the shelves, I gave them a good wipe-down with my Lysol. I want these bad boys to shine like new by the time I'm finished. I want this space to be spotless before bringing back all this food.

Sweeping up the debris on the pantry floor

3. Sweep

After I cleaned each shelf individually, I moved on to sweeping. Sis, I couldn’t believe all of the mess that was hiding behind the junk I had crammed in here. It was straight ridiculous.

The good news is I've acknowledged the problem. Now I'm addressing it. Once I'm finished, I'll put measures in place to prevent this from happening in the future. Sometimes all you need is a change in your mindset.

4. Clean the baseboards

When I finished the floors I moved on to cleaning the baseboards. Are you all tired yet? I know I am, but I gotta keep going. We gotta keep pushing. Don't give up now. You're almost to the finish line.

Once the baseboards were cleaned, I took some Fabuloso and added it to my scalding hot water. Yes, I do use scalding hot water, to ensure the floor is clean and sanitized.

5. Get organization bins

Y’all, here's where the organizing comes in. I went to Dollar Tree to find some white organization bins, and in typical Dollar Tree fashion, they didn't have any. I literally went to four Dollar Trees, two of which were out of state and not one white bin.

Next, I went to Wally World (for those of you who don't know, Wally World is Walmart). I went straight to the organization aisle and found dish bins for a dollar and small white bins were two for 98 cents.

Pantry organization bins

I also ended up getting skinny white bins, which were sold three in the pack, for 98 cents. I didn't use the skinny white bins in my pantry, but I did use them to organize my drawers and cabinets.

6. Label the bins

An organized pantry is not legit until you have some labels, so I had to label my bins. Since I don't own a Cricut, I ended up getting some printable labels at Walmart.

Then I went online to the Avery website and entered the order number. Avery has thousands and thousands of templates to choose from. I selected my template, customized it, printed it, and then I stuck it onto the bins.

Pantry before organization

Pantry before

Okay, Sis, let's take a look at what my pantry looked like before I got my life together. I had everything scattered everywhere, and I couldn't find anything when I needed it.

Pantry after organization

Pantry after

This is what it looks like now and I am not kidding when I tell you this pantry organization project has changed my life. I'm not spending money buying items that I already have. Hubby and the kids are no longer asking where things are, and I'm no longer wasting my time looking for things.

Something as simple as organizing a space in my home made a huge difference in my life.

Pantry organization ideas

Marie Kondo once said the space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past. Before starting this project, I was a disorganized mess. The person I am becoming now is more organized, not only in my pantry but in every aspect of my life.

Comment down below. If y’all plan on organizing a space in your home.

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