Pantry Organization Ideas: How to Sort Out Your Messy Pantry

Kelly | Frugal Fun Mum
by Kelly | Frugal Fun Mum

Today I am going to give you pantry organization ideas as I work on organizing my pantry. My pantry is a complete mess. Everything is everywhere, and I'm not entirely sure what I have. I'm going to go through shelf by shelf and reorganize things and get them all lined up, so next week; I can look at the stockpile I have.

Take everything out

I pulled everything out, and I vacuumed inside the pantry. I did a bit of a wipe-over and didn't find any moths or anything like that. That's good because we had a few bags of open flour that were sealed over. However, moths can still get around seals.


I got two clear containers from Savers ages ago.

Tupperware with black lids

I also have a lot of Tupperware with black lids. 

The Tupperware is mainly for all the cooking. There are other bits and pieces, like popcorn, which has only a few kernels, so I just tipped that into a smaller container. I've used another container because I had some coconut that I wanted to pack up. I have a container of pasta in there too.


I have new drawers that are from Kmart. They're going to replace one bigger one for the chips and snacks. I need clear containers in this house so people can see into them. Then they know there's food there, and then they eat it. I'm sure that's why the cookie jar gets emptied a lot. People can see in it.

How to organize a pantry

I've put chips in the bottom drawer, I've got strawberry bars in the middle drawer, and the top one has more muesli bars that anyone can eat. 

I will get some more drawers and storage because I only got a couple at the time I bought these. I want to get a bigger one for the bottom of the pantry.


I've organized a section of the pantry as a snack area with chips and crackers. I think it will stay looking pretty for about three days, and then it will need another bit of a makeover with another container from Kmart. 

I think these drawers were $6; I'm really happy with them. 

Other containers

I was looking for a container with concave sides, so the grip is a bit smaller to pull it out of the cupboard, but Kmart didn't have anything like that. I was happy with the containers with white lids that they did have, and I think the seal works well. 

As I was cleaning, I discovered coffee sachets. The things we find are no longer being made, so we need to find a substitute. This is why we clean out the pantry.

Pantry organization tips

I have an area with coffee and drinking chocolate that I've organized. 

I just put the cereal into new containers that pour easily. I'm surprised at how much fits in there, which I'm very grateful for. Again, being a see-through container means that people will hopefully be more drawn to eating it.  

The bottom section of the pantry

I'm just rearranging a lot of stuff in the bottom section of my pantry. I keep all of my daughter's kombucha on one side, along with oat milk, because that doesn't need to be in the fridge.

Next, I'm creating a pasta section that is one of the meal shelves. This is where a lot of the other meal-based things will be stored. 

Organized pantry

My husband's spicy noodles, baked beans, spaghetti, and rice are at the back for a stockpile. 

Pantry organizations ideas

The very bottom of the pantry is more meal stuff like sauces.

Pantry organizations ideas

This was a super quick tidy-up and a double-check of what things I have. I will come back and rearrange everything for our stockpiling. What do you do to keep your pantry organized? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Jessica Hawkins Jessica Hawkins on Feb 17, 2023

    I am trying to declutter my bedroom. I am using glass and clear plastic containers so I can see what I have and all containers allow my hand to fit so I can easily take the desired object out without making a mess.

  • Jod56199273 Jod56199273 on Feb 18, 2023

    Now that is a nice organized realistic cabinet. All the designer pantry pics where everything is taken out of original packaging and no cans/ boxes is ridiculous. Nice job.

    • Kelly | Frugal Fun Mum Kelly | Frugal Fun Mum on Jul 27, 2023

      Thanks so much - yes I am just using what we have around the house - it needs to be realistic we are an ASD household and so people need to see the 'packet' to recognise the food so I just try to keep things in the same area and a bit tidy.