An Organized Closet Based On The Closet Commandments

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by Jakia | SoleOrganizer

When it comes to organizing any space, there are a few things that I like to take into consideration. Does the client have a budget? What are some of the major challenges the client could encounter in regards to maintaining their newly organized space? Does the client have a preference as to which storage and organization products they would like to incorporate into their space? It's important for me to collect this information during the consultation because I want to ensure that I create a space that suits their needs and resolves their organizing challenges.

So, after consulting with the client, viewing the space, and coming up with an organized plan - it was time to shop! Honestly, shopping for products are probably my favorite part about organizing a space but I try to make sure I don't get too excited especially if there's a budget attached to the project. Plus, I also reference the assessment plan and layout that I create which serves as my compass and guides me. Now let me also add that buying organizing and lifestyle products for every project is needed because it’s now. I like to create a balance between re-purposing what the client already has and then mixing in a few new products. That’s my philosophy.

Functional, organizing + lifestyle products purchased from Five Below for the project

If you haven't checked out  Five Below - especially their home and lifestyle section, then I suggest that you do. I've been able to find some quality, functional pieces at an affordable price. All of the organizing products used within this closet space came from Five Below except for two baskets that were purchased from  Target. I was really excited when I discovered that Five Below sold clear, shoe organizers because I tried purchasing a similar product from another store but they're website was having some technical issues. And to be honest, these boxes turned out to be a better investment! So, be sure to keep reading to see how these products support the systems that were put into place and really brought everything together!

To access the walk-in closet, the client has to go through their bathroom. Before organizing the space, I used adhesive  Command Strips to hang up the mirror that was previously laying around in a corner inside of the closet. Now my client is able to see how they look before stepping out for the day. 

Now my client gets to walk into their newly organized closet and view every items that they have. 

I used the lower rack to hang up jeans, sweats, and dress pants on hangers. The singular hamper separates the pants from the shoes. During the consultation, I suggested that the client invest in a sectional hamper which would pre-sort their laundry but the client opted out of a sectional hamper and decided to stick with with their singular hamper. I was totally fine with their decision because at the end of the day, the client has to occupy the space after I leave. So, if it's easier to manage a singular hamper which may be conducive to their lifestyle than I have no qualms about that.

On the shelf, I used three bins to store other clothing items such as under garments, work-out attire, and the gray bin holds miscellaneous items. I didn't realize depth of the lilac bins (I wish I would have taken a picture of the inside) because after filling them up with clothing pieces, there was still plenty of space.

So, here is the finished product. This closet re-vamp was really fun to create. I got rid of the shoe boxes and stored my client's shoes inside of the clear, shoe boxes. There was a large suitcase that was once visible, so I tucked it behind the long dresses so that it be concealed.

The  medium, gray bin holds purses and the  small, gray bin holds sunglasses. I would have preferred to use a tray for the sunglasses but the client already had the small, gray bin so it was best to use what was already owned. Saved some money and I love what I can do that!

I was intentional about organizing the client's dresses by style and then color. I used the same technique when it was time to hang up their shirts, sweaters and blazers. The client was also able to cut back on costs by using the hangers that they already owned. And as you can see they have plenty leftover if they decided to expand their  wardrobe

The clear, shoe storage boxes allows my client to quickly view their shoes without having to sift through shoe boxes. 

It's such a great feeling to be able to express my passion for organizing through my creativity. I came up with the idea of "The Closet Commandments" sign as a way to remind my clients how to maintain an organized closet after I complete a project while adding some decor to their space. At some point, I will be adding these to the site but I'm grateful that this client was open to the idea of displaying this within their new closet. The faux plant from Five Below really brought it all together! 

The icing on the cake is always seeing the reactions of my clients when their space is revealed to them.It makes the planning, shopping, de-cluttering, and organizing tasks all worth it because I know that I am enhancing someone's life. I am minimizing their stress levels. I know that my organizing skills are going to play a part in allowing them to save money and time because they can view every items within their space. 

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