11 Clothes Folding Hacks to Keep Your Drawers & Closet Organized

Learn how to fold clothes to save space and save time. If you need to store your clothes in drawers or pack them for a trip, you'll love these folding clothes hacks. You'll be able to find what you want to wear quickly and easily when your clothes are folded neatly.

Let's jump right into ways to fold your clothes. By doing this, your drawers and travel and gym bags are not only beautifully organized but functionally organized, so they don't end up in a jumbled mess.

Even though I don't care to do laundry, I love having beautifully folded clothes and beautifully organized drawers.

Gym clothes folding hack

1. Gym clothes folding hack

I learned this P.E. uniform folding hack from my sister when I was a pre-teen, just before I started middle school. First, fold a towel lengthwise and lay it flat. Then lay your gym shirt on top of the towel. Fold the sides of the shirt in so they're even with the edge of the towel. Lay your shorts folded in half on top of the shirt and add socks on top of the shorts if you need to. 

Start rolling from the bottom of the towel (the part without clothing) until the shirt is completely rolled up in the towel. Bring the sleeves over each end; you can either throw this in their backpack or gym bag, and everything stays together.  

Leggings folding hack

2. Leggings folding hack

Because I wanted to fit all my workout clothes in a small drawer, I needed to fold my leggings to fit a narrow drawer section. I started folding them in thirds lengthwise, then fold the top down to create a flap. I roll the leggings up from the bottom and tuck the roll into the flap. The best part is you can throw this in your gym bag like this, and it won't unravel.  

Tank top folding hack

3. Tank top folding hack

I fold my tank tops the same way as my leggings. Fold in thirds, create a flap, and roll from the bottom until you can wrap the tank top into the flap.

Hooded jacket folding hack

4. Hooded jacket folding hack

To fold my hooded jacket, I lay it out flat. Fold each sleeve inward to create a rectangle. Fold into thirds, then roll tightly from the bottom. Tuck the roll into the hood and tighten the drawstring.

Underwear folding hack

5. Underwear folding hack

Fold the underwear into thirds. Create a flap at the top by rolling the waistband downwards. Roll the underwear from the bottom and tuck the roll into the waistband flap. Bring the edges of the waistband around the roll to secure it.

Sock folding hack

6. Sock folding hack

I prefer not to fold my socks, so they don't stretch out and lose shape. I like to flatten them out, but sometimes you need to fold your socks for your gym bag or suitcase. 

Here is how to fold them so they don't unravel. Lay the socks on top of each other, with the openings together. Fold the opening of the top sock downward about a quarter of the length of the sock. Roll the toes of the socks upward and use the opening from the bottom sock to completely envelop both socks into a ball.

Camisole folding hack

7. Camisole folding hack

This is a similar technique to the legging folding technique. The difference here is that I fold the top down to keep the straps contained. Create a flap from the neck opening. Once you fold the strap portion down, fold the camisole into thirds as you did with the leggings. You'll roll from the bottom upwards, tucking the roll into the neck flap you made.

T-shirt folding hack

8. T-shirt folding hack

This is a way to fold your t-shirts so that as you get down to your last t-shirts in your drawer, they don't start to flop over and lose their fold.

Lay your shirt flat. Fold each sleeve inwards. Fold the shirt into half, then in half again. Roll from the top downwards. When you get to the bottom, fold the bottom hem on the outer side of the shirt over the roll to create a tight little rectangle.

Pajama pants folding hack

9. Pajama pants folding hack

The same technique you use for t-shirts works on pajama pants. Fold them in half lengthwise, then in half again. Roll from the top downwards. When you get to the bottom, fold the bottom hem of the outer leg over the roll to create a tight little rectangle.

Sweater folding hack

10. Sweater folding hack

The same technique for pajama pants and t-shirts can work for your sweaters.  

Folding clothes hacks

11. Dress folding hack

Finally, here is a way to fold, yet still hang, your dresses if you don't have a long hanging section in your closet. Holding the top part of the dress against you, fold one-third of the dress's skirt over the hanger. Bring the top of the dress under and up to the hanger.

With this movement, the hem of the dress will end up tucked in between the middle and the top of the dress. Slip each sleeve over the hanger ends to secure the dress to the hanger.

Folding clothes hacks

I hope you've enjoyed my folding hacks. They'll help you have more organized gym bags, drawers, and closets. You'll be folding fast and tight organized spaces in no time with a bit of practice.

Let me know if you have any other folding tips and tricks in the comments below.

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