Looking For Linen Closet Organization Ideas & Folding Hacks?

by Simplify

Let’s go through some helpful linen closet organization ideas. It’s not easy to keep a linen closet organized. It’s such a pain when you need to pull out a sheet from the bottom of the pile and all your organizing work quickly falls apart.

Fitted sheets are a pain to fold and can make the whole closet look messy. Try this folding strategy:

Find two opposite corners with the sheet inside out and pinch one corner in each hand. Put the two corners together with the seams lined up. Turn the rest of the sheet right side out. Put the other two corners together and then align all four corners.

Lay the sheet on the floor and try to get the fitted corner to sit as close as possible to a 90-degree angle. Fold both sides of the sheet inward and then fold the long way in the bunching corners.

Linen closet organization ideas

To keep sheet sets together, fold them into a package. Use a top sheet to package a fitted sheet and two pillowcases together. Once your top sheet is folded into a long rectangle, place the folded fitted sheet and pillowcases on the top sheet and fold the top sheet around them creating a packaged sheet set.

Instead of folding towels and stacking them, roll them like spa towels. Spread the towel and fold one top corner down creating a triangle. Fold the rest in half lengthwise. Then roll inward starting from the side opposite the triangle.

Tuck the remaining corner into one of the folds when you get to the end.

Linen closet organization ideas

These hacks will make it easier to get things out of the closet without disrupting the order. Clean spaces nurture peace of mind. Use these systems to conquer and maintain organization in the linen closet.

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