Space Saving DIY Pull-Out Table

Katie Nathey
by Katie Nathey
Whether you live in a small space, or just want some space saving ideas, this transforming pull-out table may be just what you need.
Although we created this expanding table for the inside of our motorhome, it could easily be re-created in a home office, guest room or even a small nook where you need some extra crafting space. You can read more about how we built it over on our blog, by visiting the link at the bottom of this post.
Here's the dinette booth/bed area that was previously in our RV slide-out, which we replaced with a custom media cabinet with pull-out table.
The first thing we did was build the media cabinet inside our RV, which you can read all about over on our blog. It has an electric fireplace, built-in TV lift and the middle drawer pulls out into an extending table.
For the pull out table we used metal extension slides and then measured and cut wood to create 3 table leaves.
Here we are drilling the holes for our wooden dowels which will allow us to easily connect the three wooden table leaves together.
Here's a photo of our new pull-out table in place. Now we have a functional office area as well as a dining table, yet we can easily put it away when not in use. You can get more details, see more photos and watch a video of our pull-out table in action over on our blog!
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