15 Things Your Kitchen Really Doesn't Need

by Simplify

Have you ever felt like your kitchen has a life of its own? From that funky knife block that's seen better days to the mysterious pot lid with no matching pot, it's a wonder our kitchens don't rise up in a clutter-filled rebellion! But don't grab your broomstick just yet; Dawn from The Minimal Mom here to sprinkle some decluttering magic.

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1. Throw Rugs & Anti-Fatigue Mats

They become an additional cleaning task. Instead, invest in comfortable house shoes.

2. Items on Fridge Front

Overloaded fridge exteriors can create visual clutter. Displaying artwork and pictures in other ways can reduce stress.

3. Countertop Knife Block

Clutters countertops. Consider drawer models or magnets inside cabinet doors. Also, declutter utensils, keeping only essential items.

4. Kitchen Gadgets

Many gadgets are bought but seldom used. Let go of the ones you don't use.

Kitchen clutter

Image Credit: littlesproutslearning.co

5. Small Appliances

Seasons change, and so do our appliance needs. Evaluate what you genuinely use and declutter accordingly.

6. Baking and Serving Dishes

Only keep what you frequently use. Donate or store unused items.

7. Kitchen Linens

Keep only those you use and love. Consider decluttering fancy linens you rarely use.

8. Recipe Books

Store them out of the kitchen if seldom used.

9. Extra Food

Too much inventory can lead to food wastage. A well-organized pantry helps you consume food before it expires.

10. Pot and Pan Sets

You don't need every piece. Keep only what you use and donate the rest.

Old pots and pans

Image Credit: foodal.com

11. Decor in the Kitchen

Simplify decor to reduce clutter.

12. Drinkware (Mugs, Bottles, Tumblers)

Keep a reasonable number per person and let go of excess items.

13 .Food Storage Containers

Avoid hoarding. Store them with their lids on to avoid mismatching.

Overall, the main idea is to simplify the kitchen by decluttering, reducing unnecessary items, and optimizing storage. A tidy kitchen can improve functionality, reduce stress, and make cleaning easier. Happy decluttering!

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  • Valari Valari on Apr 25, 2024

    I think this works only for the author. Each person must set up their own kitchen according to size of family and how it is used.

    • BonDiva BonDiva on May 26, 2024

      Thank you for speaking up. I find that these articles that state " X amount of things that you have to throw away, give away, etc etc. are a way to induce shame in others. It is subjective, our lives all move through different stages of our lives, expected and NOT expected!>

  • Gbe69776730 Gbe69776730 on Apr 25, 2024

    Agree with the other grandmas. Most of the time there is two of us. Come spring break, summer, and holidays my house swells by 6 more. I have packed a few things (plates, bowls ) and stored in garage in clear containers until needed. Just had company stay for the week and used all the glasses, coffee cups, sheets, towels and air mattresses we had. It took me a day to get all the dishes and washing done and put away. Now to restock the pantry !