16 One-Minute Clutter-free Habits to Change Your Life

Gabe Bult
by Gabe Bult

We all know that the more things you have in your home, the more stressed you are. This is why building clutter-free habits is so important and beneficial.

Today, I am sharing a list of simple methods for how to break the clutter habit that will truly enhance your life.

1. Say no to good things

If having a clutter-free home and a calm simple space is important for you, you will have to sacrifice getting some things, even if those may be good things.

If you let all those good things in, your house is going to be full of good stuff, but you will not be able to even walk around in it. A lot of maintaining a clutter-free home is saying no to things before they come into your house.

2. Keep up your clear zones

Once you have gotten one room of your house to where you want it to be, whether it is your office, your kitchen, your living room, practice keeping that room clear and inviting.

Even if the rest of your house is a wreck, keep the progress that you have made and then eventually you can end up taking over the rest of your house.

Taking trash out

3. Be that person who takes care of things

If there is something that has always bugged you around your house, like the dirty dishes that pile up or the trash that does not get taken out, just take care of that.

Taking the trash out takes a minute and eliminates a stressor out of your life, so it is so worth the time. Do not let those little things clutter up your home or cause tension in your relationship.

4. Make a donation box

Take a box, put it in a prominent place in your home, and as you see stuff around your home you do not want, throw it in there.

Schedule a day a week or month when you actually donate it, and this flow of crap out of your house will eventually lead to a more clutter-free home.

5. Do not take free stuff

As a frugal person, it is hard to find the temptation to take freebies, such as water bottles or pens.

However, those are not things I need and they just end up cluttering the house, so it is crucial to learn the habit of saying no to things that you would not pay money for.

Picking up blankets

6. Pick up your blankets and pillows

Leaving your blankets on the couch or the floor is so easy, but it instantly makes the room feel cluttered, because they are huge. Start a habit of folding and putting them away.

On a side note, if you have extra blankets you do not really use, get rid of them.

7. Clear out flat surfaces

Flat surfaces like tables and counters have a tendency to collect stuff fast, which makes your home feel super cluttered. So once or twice a day, start clearing those.

If you do it consistently, it will never take more than a couple minutes, you will never feel overwhelmed by it, and the room will feel much more relaxing.

8. Don't kick off your shoes

I know it's really fun to do, but it is so important to have a place for everything and to return those things there after use. Get a shoe rack, a hanger for your backpack, a spot for your keys, and spend a minute putting those things away when you enter your home.

Doing dishes

9. Clean up as you cook

This is truly a life changing habit. As you are cooking, put each thing away after you use it, and wash the pans right away.

This will save you the 20 minute clean up at the end, stop you from being overwhelmed and allow you to actually sit down and enjoy your food without having to worry about cleaning up.

10. Never let it soak

Nearly nothing ever really needs to soak, it is just an excuse to postpone cleaning things right away. Just wash it, do not let it soak, and it will make a huge difference for how clean your kitchen feels.

11. Make a plan

Talk to your household members, whether your family or roommates, explain to them why you want to have a clutter-free home, and ask them to be involved. Getting on the same page with people who live with you is a huge help.

Toothbrush by sink

12. Organize your bathroom sink

We used to have stuff on our bathroom sink all the time, and it felt so messy. Now the only thing on here is my toothbrush and soap, and we have a separate shelf for all the toiletries we use every day. So either get something like this or find a way to organize your drawers so that your sink looks tidy and free.

13. Clean out your refrigerator

Take a minute a few times a week to go through your refrigerator, get rid of food that has gone bad, and check the dates, because otherwise your fridge starts accumulating food that may make you sick.

Your fridge should not be stuffed with food all the time. The average American throws out 25% of their food. To avoid that, make plans for your foods and make sure to stick to them.

14. Use the one minute rule

If it takes a minute or less, just do it right away. Pick up the thing off the counter, throw the trash out, start the laundry, put the dishes away. Most things do not actually take that long, and it is much easier to keep up than it is to catch up.

15. Plan your attack

Not all decluttering takes a minute or less, so make a plan on how you are going to tackle it. Take a sheet of paper, sit down, and just write down all the things you need to do. This only takes a minute and makes a world of difference.

Cleaning kitchen

16. Do a nightly reset

I have decided to never go to bed with a mess in my house. I generally take one to five minutes and reset my house so I don’t have to think about that in the morning. That way, my space is always clean and open, and I can start my day relaxed and full of energy.

Clutter-free habits

With just these simple 1 minute habits, you will be able to turn your house into a more welcoming and relaxing space. What are your ways of keeping your house clutter free? Share in the comments!

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