How to Save Money on Groceries By Reverse Meal Planning

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Christine, the Frugal Fit Mom herself, is happy to share her favorite tip for how to save money on groceries. According to Christine, the days of going to the grocery store all willy-nilly are over. With the way food prices are today, it’s time to learn her best grocery hack and fast.

In the old days, people learned how to meal plan by pulling out their favorite recipes, making a grocery list, and then buying everything on the list. And while that did help busy families decide what to eat for the week, many families nowadays are discovering that their grocery budgets just aren’t going as far as they used to.

Checking the pantry and making a grocery list

The key is to ask yourself how to create a meal plan that also takes your family’s budget into account.

And this Frugal Fit Mom says the secret is reverse meal planning. What is meal planning in reverse, you ask? It all starts with taking inventory of the food items you already have at home and meal planning around that instead.

Christine says that learning how to save money on groceries couldn’t get any simpler than that. By creating a grocery list that only includes items you’re currently missing, you use up what you already have, spend less, and waste less food as well.

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Stocking up your pantry with high-quality ingredients over the year means that reverse meal planning will help you save money over the weeks and months to come. With long-term food storage, your family can meal plan using items like lentils, rice noodles, broth, and coconut milk while stretching your grocery budget even further.

How to save money on groceries video

Ready to learn how to save money on groceries yourself? Simply take an inventory, check the sales flyer at your local store, keep a stocked pantry, and know your prices.

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  • John John on Aug 09, 2022

    Great thought - I always try to check my pantry and freezer and shop to restock my family's essentials in bulk and/or on sale.

    Also suggest you might try rethinking family favorite recipes and swapping out ingredients to take advantage of savings - beans or lentils to replace all or a portion of a protein, vegetable swapping according to season, etc.

  • Annette Moore Annette Moore on Jan 04, 2023

    I started doing something similar to this. I used to go crazy with buying items that were on sale or buying too much of any one item. What ended up happening was a lot of waste and items being thrown away. Now I write down what I have in the frig or freezer and plan my meals with what I already have. This has helped to eliminate the random stop for carry out food on the way home from work also.