Throwing Away Food? Here's How to Reduce Food Waste & Save Money

by Simplify

One of the best grocery hacks to save thousands of dollars on your food bill this year is simply to stop throwing away food. And Christine, from Frugal Fit Mom, is ready to show you how to save money on groceries by using up what you have and eliminating food waste for good.

The first step is conducting an honest self-reflection of how much food your family wastes every week, month, and year. From produce literally disintegrating in your refrigerator to leftovers being kept until they’re too old to eat, food waste is the number one grocery shopping expense. And it adds up to big bucks being taken out of your bank account and thrown out with the trash.

When it comes to how to reduce food waste in your home, Christine says there are several steps you can start taking today.

The first step is to alter the way you cook if your family doesn’t like eating leftovers. The second step is to stop buying things in bulk if you can’t use them up before they go bad. And the third step is to do a better job of meal planning, so that you don’t end up throwing the ingredients out.

How to stop throwing away food

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to prevent food waste by changing your habits. And Christine shares her tips to help you get started.

Taking an inventory of your refrigerator every week will help you stop throwing food away pretty quickly. To make it easier, you can use a plastic bin to store any items you need to use up quickly and move leftovers to the front.

Ordering meal box kits, utilizing your freezer, rethinking meal planning, and starting a compost bin for your garden are also ways to stop throwing food away for good and save money.

How to stop throwing away food

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  • J J on Dec 21, 2022

    Meal box kits are not cheap. When I cook dinner , I make it twice. One for tonight and 1 for the freezer( all labeled and dated). So nice to prep once then eat twice. No leftovers!

  • Julia Julia on Feb 19, 2024

    I have found great recipes that are for using leftovers to make something new. I'm not good at meal planning, so much easier to buy things on sale and come up with something but still end of with so many leftovers.