Freezer Organization Ideas That Will Save You Time & Money

by Simplify

In this video, the Frugal Minimalist shows you her freezer organization ideas. Storing things in the freezer is a great way to save time and money. With these freezer organization hacks, you will learn which foods to store in your freezer and how.

Many people are afraid to store foods in their freezer because of food hygiene concerns, but the Frugal Minimalist has looked up USDA freezer safety guidelines, and the list of foods that can be safely stored in the freezer is much wider than you might think.

One hack is to reuse glass pasta jars in order to freeze things or to cook using oven pans that are freezer-safe. You can also freeze things using plastic, but then it’s important to check the resin ID number on the plastic to make sure that it’s freezer safe.

Another great hack is to reuse tortilla packs to wrap food and then put those in freezer bags, allowing you to reuse the freezer bag without having to wash it. If you do this, keep the freezer bags and tortilla packs that will be reused in the freezer, even when they are empty.

Freezer organization ideas

Go to the supermarket and take a look at your frozen food aisles. Pay attention to which foods are frozen and how. If the companies can freeze food a certain way, then you can probably freeze the food that way at home, too. One example of this is berries, which can be bought in bulk on sale and flash-frozen at home, just like they are flash-frozen in the factories.

A full freezer is more efficient than an empty freezer, so if you have extra freezer space, keep bottles of water in there, just to make your freezer less empty. It also gives you a way to gauge that everything is ok with your freezer - if the water isn’t frozen, you know your freezer might have a problem.

The good news is that a full freezer should be able to protect the food for 2-3 days without power in an emergency, as long as it stays closed.

Freezer organization ideas

If you’ve been wondering how to organize a freezer, or asking yourself, “What foods can I freeze to save money?”, then this video is for you. With some quick hacks, you will be able to store your food safely, saving you time and money -two of life’s most precious resources.

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To see more videos, check out The Frugal Minimalist YouTube channel.

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  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Oct 23, 2022

    I already use some of your tips especially using two bags to freeze that way Imcan use the outer freezer bag again. I also try to cook two meals at the same time and freeze one for later use as I am alone

  • Jun103595194 Jun103595194 on Jun 24, 2024

    Great tips and useful - thanks.