20 Life-Changing Home Hacks That Will Save You Time & Money

by Simplify

Looking to make your life so much simpler? Lisa Burningham shares home hacks that will not only change your life for the better, but they’ll also save you tons of time and a whole lot of effort.

The home cleaning hacks that Lisa swears by are all designed to make those hard-to-clean projects much easier. Instead of spending hours and putting in that elbow grease, Lisa says these DIY home hacks make any cleaning job a cinch, no matter how dirty things might look.

She recommends cleaning vent hood filters in a large plastic bin with Coca-Cola. Place the filters in the bin, pour the beverage over top, let it soak for an hour to dissolve all of the grease and grime, use a scrub brush to remove any leftover residue, then rinse.

When it comes to life hacks for your home, Lisa says the trick is to think smarter, not harder. With a little imaginative thinking, you can use items around your home for a whole new purpose.

Instead of buying spray can handles to make your next spray painting project easier to manage, simply remove the cap and nozzle from the spray paint can and swap it out for the nozzle on a WD-40 can.

Spray sunscreen

Second, you can remove tar, sap, gum, or stickers from hands, clothes, or outdoor furniture simply by spraying zinc-free sunscreen on it.

Third, you can use a magic eraser instead of a paintbrush to stain wood. You can also use a clean cloth and an iron to remove white heat stains from wood furniture.

Lisa also recommends home organization hacks like using woven laundry baskets to store blankets, wrapping paper, or bolts of fabric. And to increase storage space for your shoes, she says using tension rods in your closet is one of her favorite home hacks by far.

Life-changing home hacks

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To see more videos, check out the Lisa Burningham YouTube channel.

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