11+ Fantastic Reasons Why WD-40 (R) is Good for the Home

Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet
by Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet

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There are so many other fantastic reasons why WD-40 ® is good for the home though.

In fact, it is one of my favorite chemistry inventions of ALL time. You probably have a bottle sitting around, so you are going to love using it for one of these tips. My favorite tip is using it for grease stains!

Before we talk about all the ways to use WD-40 around the home, let me tell you how it works.

Reasons Why WD-40 is Good for the Home

The Fascinating History of WD-40

WD-40 ® was invented by a company called Rocket Chemical Company. It stands for water displacement 40, since it took them 40 attempts to get it right. The neat thing about this product is they were trying to create a solvent and degreaser to prevent rust in the aerospace industry in 1953.

It was first used to protect the outer layer of the Atlas Missile!

They eventually started putting it in aerosol cans for home use. Since 1958, it has been available for the home.

Scientifically, water displacement is basically just displacing or moving fluid from a space. That is why WD-40 ® is so effective for cleaning or around the home. Not only does it prevent rust since it displaces moisture, but it can also displace dust, dirt, grease, grim, and almost anything. It was used on a missile after all!

Since it is such a unique chemical, there are so many reasons why wd40 is good for the home. I always have a bottle on hand.

Here are some of the best reasons why WD-40 is good for the home:

Fix all things squeaky (the obvious one)!

Just spray and that’s it! This is probably the top way people use WD-40.

Deep clean your car.

The WD-40 uses on cars is endless! I clean almost everything on my car with this, inside and out. The inside of the door that gets so dirty, the metal under the seats, or anything with grime on it.

Clean stainless steel around the house.

Stainless steel can be tricky to clean with certain chemicals. WD-40 not only cleans, but it also protects it, not to mention it will shine!

Remove sticky residue.

I recently used this for a duct tape residue on a shelf. It was really bad, so I just sprayed some WD-40, and it cleaned it right away. It will work for any surface.

Use it as a stain remover.

This removes certain stains so well. Things like crayon, lipstick or anything of a waxy substance can be cleaned with WD-40 . I have used it on walls, carpets, and even clothes.

Clean grease stains.

This is exceptionally good at cleaning grease stains around the home. If you have places that are hard to reach or you can’t take it apart to clean the grease, WD-40 ® will clean it. I had an area between the oven and counter that had grease splatters, but it was so hard to reach. I sprayed some WD-40 in there and it cleaned it right away. This powerful product will clean grease on pretty much every surface too. Clothes and even carpets!

Get rid of stuck on gum.

If you’ve had gum stuck to your shoes or clothes (like I’ve had many times), WD-40 is the best item to remove the residue. It has proven to always be the fastest, most effective method on all surfaces.

Repel snails or slugs.

This is a trick I have used for years when it comes to insects that crawl up into your plants like snails and slugs. If you spray the outside of a potted plant with WD-40 ®, it keeps them from climbing up.

Clean concrete.

Concrete is very porous and hard to clean, but WD-40 can help with that! It can dissolve chalk, spilled stain, and oil splatters. I have used it for all the above and it really helps cut through and clean concrete surfaces from most stains.

Remove mildew from metal surfaces.

We had an old refrigerator that had mildew on the bottom metal area. Just a little WD-40 and it cleaned up right away. I used a couple of other cleaners before and they didn’t work! WD-40 ® cleaned it within a few minutes.

Clean garden tools and lawn equipment.

If tools need to be repaired due to rust, I always use this method. The last step is protecting them with WD-40 . If the garden tools are just dirty, I always clean the with WD-40. Not only does it get the dirt off, but prevents rust. I also do this to the lawnmower at the end of the season before we store it for winter.

Chemist Tips on Using WD-40

Make sure to work in a ventilated area. If you are working in a small space, it is best to open a window.

WD-40 i s a solvent and should not be used around heated areas like stove tops, ovens, grills, or open flames.

When using this for rust prevention, make sure to not wipe off once you spray. Allow it to soak into metal and dry for most effective treatment.

You will always find a bottle of WD-40 in my house!

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  • GareoJi Shoma GareoJi Shoma on Jun 12, 2024

    Ive always had it & loved it & have used it in almost all that stuff. Thanks for the tips, some of that i wuld have never thought of.

    BE CAREFUL USING IT AROUND PETS/CATS. -aerosols are so bad for them & watch where it drips cuz cats might lay there or rub on it.

    (i have 8 rescues in a small space)

  • Kimberly Sparks Kimberly Sparks on Jun 21, 2024

    Awesome!!! Thank you!!! Regards Kimberly