No 401k? This Retiree Has Made a Tiny Home Her Retirement Plan

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Hilary is showing how tiny homes for retirees are a great solution for living on a budget in your older years.

Hilary divorced while her three children were young and raised them as a single mom, so she didn’t have a chance to save for retirement in her younger years, as they lived hand-to-mouth.

Once her children were grown up, Hilary realized that she needed to think outside of the box about her long-term future. She bought her retirement tiny home in cash, which allows her to live off of her retirement income without having to worry about a mortgage.

Hilary added some custom touches and spots of color to her home to make it feel cozy: She has a couch and ottoman with under-cushion storage, which can also be transfigured into a twin-size bed for company.

She had the builder paint the house white to make it light and airy, and has a custom-made red door, as well as mocha cabinets, to form a contrast with the white. She also has under-stair storage that she uses as a coffee corner and a space for her cat.

Hilary also added some custom touches related to her long-term retirement plans: As a senior citizen, it was important to her to add a railing to the stairwell and stick back no-slip stair treads to prevent her from falling when climbing up and down.

How a tiny home can become your retirement plan

The loft bedroom is 42 inches tall so you can’t stand in it, but it has a queen-size bed big enough for Hilary, her cat, and her dog. Three windows provide a beautiful cross-breeze and a great view of the local wildlife.

Hilary added a carpet so it doesn’t hurt her hands and knees when she crawls to make the bed. The sleeping loft also has Hilary’s computer and printer on a little cart.

Outside, there’s a deck with some chairs and a couch. Hilary loves having her morning coffee on the deck while reading from her Kindle and watching the coyotes. 

Tiny house for retirees

Hilary’s tiny house retirement story shows that tiny home living can be a great way to retire.

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