This Mountain Shipping Container Home is a Tiny House at 9,341 Ft

by Simplify

As a Colorado native, Jen knew that she wanted to live in a mountain shipping container home in her home state. She also knew that she wanted her tiny mountain home to be permitted in Black Hawk, CO, with all of the appropriate paperwork. Now, she lives in her tiny home at 9341 feet, with a spectacular view of the surrounding peaks.

In this video, Jen takes you on a tour and allows you to see the unique DIY elements that give this Colorado shipping container home a feeling that combines industrial and cozy design elements at the same time:

Jen's first task was finding land in an area where the building authorities were open to tiny homes and other forms of alternative living. Then she purchased the land and set to building, acting as her own general contractor.

In order to make the build up to code, she needed to have it able to face the official wind load and snow load⁠—a challenge with a shipping container! Jen hired engineers and architects to help her with the task.

Colorado mountains

Eventually, the modern mountain tiny home was complete, with all of the permits, and Jen moved into the 320-square-foot home in September, right in time for the snow and the cold weather. This gave her a chance to put the insulation of this 40-foot shipping container to the test⁠, and it passed.

Jen chose to insulate the exterior, but not the interior, in order to keep the modern interior aesthetics. She used Japanese charred wood cedar for insulation, which is fire resistant and deters bugs⁠—two major advantages when you live in the woods.

Mountain shipping container home

Jen’s story shows that tiny living can be a great way to live in a place that you love.

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