A Minimalist Shipping Container House Along the Great Ocean Road

by Simplify

House 28 is a container house nestled in the forest at Wye River, Victoria, right on the Great Ocean Road.

Constructed using three shipping containers, House 28 measures only 473 square feet. This minimalist shipping container house shows that even minimalist tiny homes can feel luxurious. The boomerang shape facing the ocean provides stunning seaside views, while the elevation gives a feeling of being up on the hill among the trees.

The house is held up by concrete piers with a lightweight steel structure that acts as the house platform. Two of the containers are joined together for the kitchen and living room space, while the third contains two bedrooms and a small bathroom.

This shipping container house doesn’t try to hide its construction materials: It leaves the container peeking out of the exterior and utilizes the container doors to allow for different configurations of the space. For example, the bedroom and living space can be kept separate for privacy or opened up to create a feeling of space. 

The Great Ocean Road

A lot of thought was put into the materials used in this minimalist shipping container house. Because it’s near the ocean, the house needed to use long-lasting materials that could withstand wear and tear.

The house exterior uses galvanized metal that is durable and takes on the feel of the landscape over time, in keeping with the house’s goal of creating a minimal impact on the environment. 

For the interior design, the architect chose marine design ply timber, which can be resanded later if necessary. The white lighting brings out the warm tones in the wood, which is a key design theme and helps to create a feeling of space.

The house is also environmentally conscious. In addition to the general sustainability that can be found in any tiny home because of its use of fewer resources, this minimalist shipping container house is equipped with a roof that collects rainwater.

Minimalist shipping container house

The sleek interior and concordance with the natural scenery make it a prime example of how minimalist shipping container homes can be elegant, beautiful, and sustainable at the same time.

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  • Christine Christine on Oct 01, 2022

    Love it! Designed several container houses. Would love to actually build them

  • J J on Oct 18, 2022

    I hope more people build these. I live in port city on the east coast and we have more stacked up shipping containers than mosquitoes.