This Cute Stacked Shipping Container Home Looks Like Legos

by Simplify

Jaimie and Dave have an incredible story. At first, like many who decide to build a tiny home, this couple wanted to leave the daily grind and pursue a mortgage-free lifestyle by building their own stacked shipping container home.

Dave has always worked in metalwork, so they decided to go down the DIY route. It’s like stacking legos, right? The couple constructed their two-story tiny home from a 20ft and a 40ft shipping container, which provides 406 finished square feet, including ample outdoor space on the second floor.

After all, outdoor living space is so important when you’re living tiny!

Stacked shipping containers

This tiny home is permanent, so Jaimie and Dave worked with the authorities at Cowlitz County, Washington, to ensure their home could be completely on-grid. The county was totally onboard and supported them as pioneers of this new idea.

They started with a nest egg of $50,000, but soon ran into big bills such as turning on the water ($10,000), installing electricity ($9,000), installing a septic system ($12,000), plus the costs of purchasing containers… the couple was almost out of money before even starting!

Without being able to secure a conventional loan, the shipping container home became Jaimie and Dave’s passion project. They worked full-time during the week, then dedicated Friday to Sunday to building their dream tiny home.

But that’s when an unexpected tragedy struck…

Stacked shipping container home

The tiny home was no longer just a path to debt-free living, but also played an instrumental role in Dave’s recovery. The deck and stairs became his physical therapy, cognitive problem-solving skills were exercised, while dexterity was reintroduced through tools such as nails and his drill.

Not only is Jaimie and Dave’s shipping container home an amazing accomplishment, but their story of resilience is truly inspirational.

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  • Donna Glenn Donna Glenn on Aug 29, 2022

    Beautiful home,and beautiful story

  • Lonnie Lonnie on Aug 29, 2022

    Kudos toYou both! A heartfelt & inspirational story. And the very best designed & landscaped “tiny homes” I’ve ever seen. You top them all for ingenuity & creativity while making it your very own home. Impressive!