How to Store Kitchen Items & Organize With Mason Jars

Today I want to talk to you about organizing using Mason jars. Mason jars will be very useful as you transition to a more homemade and sustainable lifestyle. They’re great for food storage and organizing in your kitchen. They’re perfect for preserving homemade goodies without packaging.

There are many different toppers you can buy to make them more versatile. Mason jars are an inexpensive and practical storage solution. Here are my favorite ways to use Mason jars in the kitchen and around the home.

Using a Mason jar as a shaker

1. Shaker for spices or cocktails

Get a topper with holes in it so you can use your Mason jar for sprinkling spices. This is perfect for when you create spice mixtures that you want to store in bulk to reuse whenever you need them.

You can also find toppers with holes that have closures to slide the lid closed over the holes. These types of lids are also great for mixing and pouring cocktail drinks.

Keeping sourdough starter in a Mason jar

2. Sourdough starter

Why create a sourdough starter? If you’re moving towards living more sustainably, sourdough is a great food to start with. Sourdough starters contain a blend of wild yeast and beneficial bacteria. 

Sourdough bread contains higher levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than most bread. Our bodies absorb nutrients more easily from sourdough than they do from regular bread, making it a much healthier option.

Sourdough starters also last as long as you are willing to care for them. Using a mason jar allows you to keep your starter fresh and see the fermentation as it progresses.

Growing sprouts in a Mason jar

3. Growing sprouts

Mason jars are perfect for growing sprouts. Simply put your seeds in the jar, leave them soaking in water, and watch them grow. Look online to find more specific information on how to grow your sprouts and when to change the water.

Sprouts are amazing for your digestive health. Besides being healthy they are also an easy and affordable way to get the nutrients you need. A clear Mason jar serves as a planter and observatory to watch and maintain healthy growth. 

Keeping cooking oil in a Mason jar

4. Cooking oil and salad dressing

Mason jars are a great tool for storing cooking oils and salad dressings. You can find a wide variety of alternative lids to make shaking and pouring easy. You can also just use a regular lid.

Serving cold drinks in a Mason jar

5. Cold drinks

Mason jars are great for cold drinks like iced coffee or lemonade on a hot summer day. The thick glass helps keep the drink cold. You can get a specialized topper with a straw so you can carry your drink around with you and not have to worry about spilling.

Plastic cups and straws are not conducive to a sustainable lifestyle. Mason jars are the perfect alternative to single-use plastic cups.

Storing homemade yogurt in a Mason jar

6. Homemade yogurt and other goodies

Yogurt is a great source of probiotics that are essential to gut health. Homemade yogurt is even healthier than storebought because it doesn’t contain all the unhealthy additives and sugars that the storebought yogurts have.

Mason jars are perfect for storing and preserving freshness for all sorts of homemade treats and goodies. 

Storing cleaning supplies in a Mason jar

7. Baking soda or soap flakes for cleaning

You can get special mason jar lids with shaker toppers that have holes in them, or you can poke the holes yourself. A Mason jar with holes in the cover is a great way to store and use cleaning products like soap flakes or baking soda.

Soap flakes are an excellent cleaning product and are super simple to make on your own. You just take a bar of soap and grate it. Baking soda is also a wonderful option to use for cleaning. It’s natural, affordable, and works wonders.

An organized and sustainable style of living is entirely within your reach. Mason jars are a fabulous tool for saving and storing all sorts of items. They are also so convenient for a wide variety of daily uses. I love how versatile they are, and I am constantly finding more and more uses for them.

Organizing with Mason jars

Did you find this article to be informative? Do you have other great uses for Mason jars that I haven’t mentioned here?

Leave me a comment so we can exchange ideas and help each other learn and grow towards more convenient, healthy, and sustainable living. 

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  • Nikkione Nikkione on Jul 02, 2023

    I use the larger ones to store fresh berries, they last longer in the fridge

  • Bev4439114 Bev4439114 on Jul 28, 2023

    I buy and then put mini carrots. Cauliflower grapes make juice directly in jar. Using the jars reall t saves space in your fridge. When the carrots or other veg forms water in the jar you open the jar and let out the moisture. My daughter is surprised how things actually last longer in vegetables in the jars. Any u can see through the jars to what is in them I just started using them one day. From looking at my sugar in them. It was time to go buy plastic containers. I had a lightbulb moment since we have lots of mason jars

    the sky is the limit …