What Not to Buy at Target: Which Items Are Cheaper Elsewhere?

by Simplify

Dawn, The Minimal Mom, says that over time she finally learned that buying things at Target is really not any cheaper than buying them anywhere else.

Besides the occasional good sale or a few things you can only buy at Target, there are plenty of items Dawn no longer purchases while she’s there. Today, she’s sharing what not to buy at Target to help you save time and money too.

What not to buy at Target

Not on her list of things to buy at Target is anything you find in the dollar spot. Dawn says many of the products here are actually $5, are not to scale, and typically don’t stand the test of time.

Additionally, she says she also avoids buying women’s clothes at Target for the same reason. Oftentimes, they’re quite expensive and they don’t stand the test of time either.

Other products on Dawn’s list of what not to buy at Target include decorative storage bins, furniture, kids' clothes, baby items, and gift bags due to the higher prices.

Instead, Dawn recommends getting decorative storage bins and furniture at other discount retailers, finding second-hand kids' clothes, borrowing or receiving hand-me-down baby items, and stocking up on gift bags at the dollar store.

Dawn says that craft supplies, craft kits, hair accessories, body products, and produce are all more expensive here.

On the other hand, some of the best things to buy at Target are plastic storage bins, because even though you can find them cheaper at other retailers, Target consistently stocks the same ones so it’s easier to pick up more when you need to. Dawn also loves their bedding, false eyelashes, and non-dairy creamers.

What not to buy at Target

When it comes to learning what to buy at Target and what not to buy at Target, Dawn certainly has you covered.

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  • Mam48751209 Mam48751209 on Aug 18, 2022

    I get very few things from Target. Clothes are better at Walmart, but I usually get the bulk of my clothes from Thrift stores. I also like going to Dollar Tree, especially for crafts and the glassware.

  • Kathi calhoun Kathi calhoun on Sep 04, 2022

    I find Target is good for some people in the clothing department, but not for plus-size women. They use to have a plus-size area with beautiful clothing for us. The last Target that I went into was so disarrayed that I walked out. Maybe because most stores nowadays can not keep the employees they need for each department. Most teens and young adults just don't want to work like we use to. A woman I knew has two teenage daughters who seem like every pay period they were changing jobs, I told them if they keep going on like this that eventually, no one is going to hire them because of their job track record. They are young and don't care at this stage of their lives. So good luck to all retail stores. I Love Shopping.