The Best-Kept Dollar Tree Shopping Secrets

We all love shopping at the Dollar Tree, and saving money is the ultimate goal.

Today, I have some amazing Dollar Tree tips that will allow you to shop even more frugally and get more stuff for less money. Let’s get started with these amazing Dollar Tree shopping secrets that only insiders know!

Paper cups and plates

1. Do not buy vitamins at the Dollar Tree

A Consumer Report study found that the amounts listed on the bottle were not right, which means you might not be buying what you thought you were buying.

2. Things to buy at the Dollar Tree: helium balloons, pregnancy tests, cleaning supplies and paper goods

As opposed to vitamins, these are the categories that are worth shopping for at the Dollar Tree. These are great deals and good quality.

3. The Dollar Tree accept manufacturers’ coupons

A great Dollar Tree hack to save even more money is to use manufacturers’ coupons. You can bring in manufacturer coupons and often even get coupons from The Dollar Tree itself on your receipts.

Moreover, you can pair the coupons with money saving apps, and even get stuff for free! Stack the coupons with Ibotta, Checkout 51, Fetch Rewards, and Dash. Make sure to download these on your phone for maximum savings!

4. The Dollar Tree have rare Hot Wheels

EBayers and Hot Wheel aficionados will oftentimes scope out the Dollar Tree for these rare Hot Wheels and then resell them or keep them for their collection. Have fun looking for those, you never know what you will find!

5. Donald Duck orange juice is a best seller

You can even grab the Donald Duck juice in other flavors as well, like fruit punch and pink lemonade.

Dollar Tree all-purpose cleaner

6. Dollar Tree all-purpose cleaner is insanely popular

This is another best-selling item. It is a buzz on YouTube, on Instagram, on TikTok, and everyone is talking about it. It is so popular that it is even going for almost $10 on Amazon for people who don't have a Dollar Tree near them or do not have this item in their store

7. Buy in bulk

One of my favorite money-saving Dollar Tree tricks is buying a case or more of one item. Unlike Costco or Sam’s Club, you do not need a membership to do so. The items I always recommend buying in larger quantities are party supplies, office supplies, and dog treats.

Keep that in mind that combining buying in bulk, your coupons, Ibotta, and special rewards, you can really save tons of money. If you want something in bulk but they do not have it in the store, there is a direct to business partnership that you can apply for and get if you are either a business or a charity organization.

8. Dollar Tree is more popular than you think

Turns out, Dollar Tree and Dollar General have more stores combined than more stores combined than the six biggest U.S. retailers — Walmart, Kroger, Costco, Home Depot, CVS and Walgreens — all put together. This is one of the most accessible chains in the US!

9. Get the Sunday paper

You can get the Sunday newspaper with coupons, which means you get a newspaper for $1, saving money and getting the coupon inserts.

10. Steaks

Did you know that the Dollar Tree sells steaks? And of course, they only cost a dollar. Would you try those?

11. Items vary greatly depending on location

You might have noticed that your store does not always carry the items you see in someone else’s YouTube videos or blogs. This is because the choice each Dollar Tree store offers is in fact very different.

Dollar Tree has done this on purpose: they are creating a scavenger hunt-like experience. Their goal is to get the consumer to go into stores looking for a specific item. The more you look into a store, the more you are usually going to buy.

12. No refunds

One thing you may not know about the Dollar Tree is that they do not accept refunds. If you return an item, you are not going to get a refund, but credit to the store instead.

Keep that in mind when you are buying stuff that you are not so sure about.

Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club

13. Value Seekers club

The Dollar Tree offers a program called the Value Seekers Club. If you sign up for that, they will send you coupons, as well as information about other events that are going on. If you are a frequent Dollar Tree shopper just like me, this is definitely worth signing up for.

14. Not everything is a great deal

We all love the Dollar Tree, and the price of a dollar may seem super attractive, which it is for many items. However, some items are not worth that, and you might find better deals elsewhere.

Make sure you keep this in mind and always compare prices. Besides, be careful about the size of the items, since the Dollar Tree may sell smaller portions for a higher price.

15. Few new items

The Dollar Tree is quite unpredictable, and you never know what new things will arrive next week. It is interesting, however, that they only get 10 to 15 new items for each truckload of 1,500+ items. Again, this is a scavenger hunt! So keep a look out for the new items.

Dollar Tree shopping secrets

What do you make of these Dollar Tree secrets? Did you know any of this before? What are some other tricks you use while shopping at the Dollar Tree?

Feel free to leave a comment below and help other readers shop even better!

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  • Andrea Andrea on Dec 17, 2023
    Thank you! I love the Dollar Tree! I have two stores in my neighborhood, the price is now a $1.25😝 oh well I still love that store! If I go to Walmart I can end up spending $$$$$🤭way too much!!
  • Brenda Baker Brenda Baker on Apr 06, 2024
    where is the Sunday paper a dollar? not in any city nowadays