How to Save Money at Ulta: 12 Hacks For Buying Makeup & Beauty Items

If you love buying makeup at Ulta as much as I do, you’ll love these money-saving hacks. I am sharing my tips on how to save money at Ulta all year round. This is how I am able to buy high-end makeup on a budget. I’ll let you know all the Ulta coupons and rewards hacks I’ve learned over the years.

Signing up for Ulta rewards

1. Sign up for rewards

The first thing you want to do is sign up for Ulta rewards because they save you money. It’s free to sign up online. There are three tiers to Ulta’s rewards. The first tier is free. You can move up to Ulta’s platinum or diamond levels, but you have to spend more money to do that.

For those levels, you earn a point for every dollar you spend. For each tier, you do get a free birthday gift. I’ve been on the free tier for a while, but I am getting back into makeup so I want to move to the platinum tier. 

This year for my birthday on the free tier, I got the Better Than Sex mascara. They are really nice birthday gifts. The more tiers you move up the nicer the birthday gifts. You can also double your points during your birthday month. Always buy your items during those special months and occasions when you can double your points.

Tiers of Ulta rewards

Accumulating points with Ulta

2. Accumulate points

So, how do the points work? When you accumulate a certain number of points, you will get a certain amount of money off your next purchase. For example, once you hit 100 points, you get $3.00 off your next purchase.

3. Coupons by mail

They always have a coupon ready. There are four ways to get coupons by mail and online. One way to get coupons includes joining their mailer list. You’ll get coupons in your mail. They’ll send you circulars letting you know about upcoming monthly deals.

On the back of the circular is the coupon. It’s usually $3.50 off of $15. You can use the coupon on their drugstore and high-end products. But read the coupon to see what it includes or excludes. 

Finding Ulta coupons online

4. Find coupons online

You can also get coupons online. Go to the website and scroll all the way down and there’s a coupon that the store associate can scan when you check out. The coupon is also on the app that you can download. You can also print out the coupon that you find online.

Stacking coupons with Ulta

5. Stack your coupons

You can also stack an Ulta coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon to maximize your savings. For example, here’s a hypothetical example. If you get the Sunday paper, you can find the manufacturer’s coupons for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, CoverGirl or Maybelline makeup.

So I can clip a $2 coupon off mascara and head to the store where I’ll buy mascara and other goodies that just say equals $20.00. When I check out, I’ll hand them my Maybelline coupon which knocks my total down to $18.00. So I’m still within that range above $15.00 where I can use my Ulta coupon. Now they can deduct $3.50 off my purchase. My total will now be $14.50 as opposed to $20.00.

21 Days of Beauty Ulta sale

6. Look for 21 Days of Beauty sales

Ulta has a lot of sales. Take advantage of them. Some sales to look out for are the 21 Days of Beauty sale that they have twice a year. Each day they’ll have upscale brands on sale, like 50 percent off. Or they will have an “online only” sale for different products.

For example, I like to wait for this sale so I can get my favorite upscale eyeliner that I won’t pay full price for.

Sales at Ulta

7. Be on the lookout for Jumbo Love Event sales

Another great sale is the Jumbo Love Event sale. They have huge bottles of shampoo and conditioner on sale. If you buy huge bottles, it’s a good idea to buy a pump for $1.00. Just clean it and reuse it for other bottles.

8. Take advantage of Black Friday sales

Ulta is the best for Black Friday! I got to try so many new and high-end products during these sales. 

9. Don’t forget Cyber Monday sales

There are still good sales on Cyber Monday but you’ll get huge savings on Black Friday.

Five-for-Five Stocking Stuffer sales

10. Look for holiday time Five-for-Five Stocking Stuffer sales

They have a great sale where you can get a bunch of stocking stuffers. They also have a five-for-10 sale. I’ve been doing the five-for-five deal since high school. They are great gift ideas, why not spend $5 on a friend for the holidays!

Ulta rewards hacks

11. Consider gift with purchase sales

Free gifts with purchase items

Be on the lookout for free gifts with purchase items. If something I want comes with a gift, and I check the price of the gift out, I might get it because maybe someone else will want the freebie or I’ll save it for a gift. And don’t forget to use the coupon.

How to save money at Ulta

12. Sign up for text alerts

Sign up for text alerts for pop-up sales, special offers, and coupons. This way you won’t miss out on any deals.

How to save money at Ulta

This is how I keep track of all these sales during everyday life. Have you used any of these tips to score some great products from Ulta? Let me know in the comment box if you have any tips on how to save money at Ulta! 

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