RV Remodel on a Budget - Floor Update

by DeeDee
3 Materials
5 Hours
We gave our little pop-up camper a brand new floor! It took a little money and time and now we have a "new" camper! Come see how we did it with full details over on our blog!
We went from the 80s to 2013 in just about 5 hours.  It actually took a lot longer than we expected, but it was well worth it.
Next we used a mixture of vinegar, original dawn dish soap and water to clean the floor before we started applying the new flooring.  Mix 2 cups warm water, 1 cup vinegar and 1 teaspoon of original dawn dish soap.  Let the floor dry well before starting your installation.
We chose to stagger the tiles to give it a more natural look.  This caused the job to take much longer due to the fact of having to measure and cut tiles and make sure the butted lines were not all going to end up exactly the same.  Also, as I've said before, my honey is a perfectionist and it HAS to be perfect!  I love that about him!
My honey finished off the floor by installing some trim around the floor/walls to complete our little RV floor update.  Now we are contemplating recovering the seat cushions.....what do you think?

Thanks for looking!
Suggested materials:
  • Peel and Stick Tile   (Lowes)
  • Vinegar   (Grocery Store)
  • Blue Dawn Dish Soap   (Walmart)
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  • AreEmBe AreEmBe on Mar 24, 2023

    I bought a 1975 Sprite Holiday Trailer last year (2022), and am in the process of beautifying this little gem. Inside measurements are 10' x 6', and I've named her Posh (long story, lol). She still has the original 1975 lino on the floor. I was going to tear it up and replace it with something better looking than that tacky lino, but after surfing many RV websites and blogs, AND attending the Vintage Trailer show this year in Palm Springs, talking to the owners I changed my mind and will be keeping the original lino. It's in good shape (as is in entire trailer, which is pretty amazing for a nearly 50 year old trailer!), the fridge and furnace still work (amazing!) and while the entire inside is painted, has fun new curtains and upholstery fabric, etc. etc., the lino stays and a couple of small pieces of fabric with the lino colours, and voila! Pulls it all together perfectly! p.s. I got rid of the metal curtain rods and replaced them with painted wooden dowels. Looks SO much better and the wood won't rust and ruin Poshie's new curtains. lol

    • Lorie Lorie on Mar 31, 2023

      If they painted the inside it is no longer original.

  • Glo Glo on Aug 05, 2023

    AreEmBe- that is awesome! Picture??