13 Signs That You Have Too Much Stuff & What to Do About It

by Simplify

Have you ever wondered if you have too much stuff? You look around your home, and you think, “too much stuff, not enough space”, but you’re not quite sure what to do. Today, Kallie is showing you a few simple tests you can do to see if you have too much stuff.

If you think about stuff when you can’t see it, then you have too much stuff. The example that Kallie brings is the attic in her old house - it was so cluttered that she would lay at night thinking about it and that was a sign it had too much stuff in it.

If you have piles of stuff lying around your home, that’s a sign that you have too much stuff.

If you know that you own something but you can’t find it because your home is too cluttered, that’s a sign that you have too much stuff. It also defeats the point of owning things if you own something but can never find it, showing another way in which clutter can inconvenience your life.

Do you own too much stuff?

If you are afraid of guests dropping by unannounced because there is stuff all over and you’re embarrassed about the mess, that’s a sign you have too much stuff. Kallie knows it’s impossible to be completely neat all the time, but she proposes the 15 minutes test: Your house should be tidy enough that with 15 minutes, you could get it into a state where you wouldn’t be embarrassed if guests walked in.

If laundry takes forever because, by the time you’ve done one load, you’re already on to the next one, that’s a sign you’ve got too much stuff - and you should think about getting rid of some of your clothes.

Signs you have too much stuff

If you’re overwhelmed by too much stuff, the first step is to identify the problem, and then you can start to think about fixing it. With these hacks, Kallie shows you how to identify when you have too much stuff, allowing you to finally begin the decluttering process.

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  • Jane Hardy Jane Hardy on Nov 01, 2022

    Mine wasn’t my house but my Props for my business, I have an entire loft of my barn filled . I kept trying to clean it up but it was overwhelming I decided just to get rid of the stuff I no longer used or was broken just the junk I found the floor !! Anyway it’s still a work in progress but once everything is together I’m going to go thru all the tubs and clean out what I don’t need I have 25 tubs of hats no one needs that many. But the great thing is I’m excited to do it now.

  • Nimfa Dg Nimfa Dg on Mar 13, 2023

    6 years in our 1st home as owners and not renters, all those signs are now present and we need to really purge the over clutter that has accummulated. The thing is, it is quite overwhelming to deal with while prioritizing just the daily routine chores. I need a decluttering genie to make it happen.