Things She Doesn't Buy That Other People Think Are Weird

by Simplify

There are many things Christine doesn't buy that most people consider standard purchases. Even though her friends think she’s crazy, she simply can’t justify buying things she doesn't need. Here are just some of the weird things she doesn't buy. Tell her in the comments if you think it’s normal or not.

Potato chips are a staple snack in many homes, but Christine doesn't buy them. Sure, they’re delicious, but they’re low in nutrients and they’re very expensive. She doesn't want my kids snacking on chips when there are so many other healthy options, so why even buy them to begin with?

Christine has never purchased the school picture kit from the school. They're ridiculously priced and come in huge packages with 50 wallet-size pictures. Who carries photos in their wallet in 2022? She feels she can take better pictures on my phone.

Chips and soda

Christine doesn't buy soda, juice, or any other flavored drinks for her household. Aside from being expensive they certainly aren’t necessary for survival. They're packed with a whole lot of sugar that nobody needs.

Christine’s hack for saving money on cleaning products is to stick with the basics. She loves Bleach, Windex, Dawn, and Tide and says she can clean almost anything with those products. You can do a lot of deep cleaning with hot water, some Dawn, a bucket, and a sponge.

Things you don't buy

Do your friends make fun of you for weird things you don’t buy? Which basic items do you feel you can do without? Please share in the comments.

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  • Lana Burton Lana Burton on Nov 10, 2022

    We do these same things! Even though we have grandchildren, they don’t come to visit that often, and when they do come, we have water, milk, or we can make tea for them. No sodas, no chips, no candy,. If I know they are coming in time, I may make a dessert or buy a package of Little Debbie oatmeal cookies that I know they like to eat. When they leave, I send the remaining cookies home with them!

  • Linda Cole Linda Cole on Nov 14, 2022

    I live alone and use the little produce bags for a trash liner for my chicken-wire trash basket by my chair in the living room. I use dawn, vinegar & water to clean my mirrors and windows with newsprint others have read and left. I don't know what I could use on my dashboard & doors other than turtle wax or Armor all in my car? Also, I have to have my brown bottle Lysol to clean the bathroom & wash floors! Pom toilet paper is as good as the expensive brands and can be bought in bulk.