Quality Over Quantity: How to Have Better Stuff

by Simplify

In the battle of quality vs quantity, quality will always be better, according to minimalism and decluttering expert, Mia Danielle. When you become a curator instead of a collector and focus on getting better stuff, not more stuff, it saves your time, energy, and space. So how do you curate a selected line of belongings? Here's her advice:

1. Declutter by selection.

Decluttering goes hand in hand with curating: it gives you clarity and allows you to figure out what specific things work for you. The counterintuitive first step to decluttering is actually selecting. First pick what you definitely want to keep, then go through the rest.

2. Increase your awareness.

After step one, you will probably end up with some definite yes and no items, but some things will still be sitting in the “undecided” pile. We tend to romanticize and imagine all the scenarios in which we might someday need something, and the only way to counteract this tendency is to gather data on actual usage.

Try heatmapping your belongings. For example, flip the hangers around as you wear things.

3. Stick with what works.

We all love trying new things and collecting. This comes from the fantasy perception that more is better and less is loss. If we want to have better stuff, we have to stop changing things that do not need changing.

Something being pretty, well-marketed, or recommended, does not mean that it will suit you specifically. Having “better” stuff does not mean having the best stuff, it just means finding what works for you.

If something does not suit you, try more things, but just a few at a time. When you think you have found “the one”, give it a bit more time and experiment. And when you know that it fits all your requirements, try practicing more gratitude and less neediness for the next thing. Pick quality over quantity.

Quality over quantity

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To see more videos, check out the Mia Danielle YouTube channel.

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  • Walt Walt on Oct 31, 2022

    I would have loved your grandmother, I think the same way.

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    I have purchased very expensive clothes from thrift stores which still have the tags on them.