Incredible Things You Can Do With Aspirin To Save Time and Money!

Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet
by Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet

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Today we are sharing the incredible things you can do with aspirin!

Yes, it’s true! Aspirin is such a fascinating chemical that not only helps your health, but it can be used for dozens of other things.

I love sharing these chemistry secrets posts with you because it is a great way to learn something new and make your life easier!

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Now, let’s talk about aspirin!

Incredible Things You Can Do With Aspirin To Save Time and Money

Aspirin is known in the chemistry world as acetylsalicylic acid. As with most fantastic substances we use everyday, aspirin was invented by a chemist. Decades later, in the late 1800s, a scientist by the name of Bayer studied the use of acetylsalicylic acid for medicinal uses. He called it aspirin and started selling it.

Believe it or not, aspirin is actually derived from willow bark which was used in Egyptian times before Christ. Willow was used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory. Then, when the age of invention and chemistry was in full swing (the 1800s), scientist isolated and extracted a substance from the willow which they named salicin.

Salicin was studied further, and eventually the French chemist Charles Frédéric Gerhardt found the structure of salicylic acid. Then, Bayer added an acetyl group to the structure in the late 1800s, developing a more gentle substance for medicinal uses.

Side Note: Chemist in the 1800s were on fire with all their amazing discoveries and experiments. Read about more awesome things invented by chemists that changed the world in this post!

Chemical Properties of Aspirin

Because of aspirins chemical properties, it is great as an anti-inflammatory, but it can also be used for interesting things around the home.

Another interesting thing many people don’t know, is almost ALL chemicals, including modern medicines, were derived from plants. Just like aspirin was from willow.

Aspirin is white, crystalline powder with weak acidic properties. When mixed with water, it turns back into salicylic acid and acetic acid (vinegar) which is the key to its uniqueness.

Incredible Things You Can Do With Aspirin

Whether or not you take aspirin for pain or health reasons, you can still use it for these neat things around the home!

Remove Yellow Sweat Stains

While there are many neat ways to remove stains from clothes (like our favorite one in the eBook), this is a really handy method to know if you are in a bind.

Crush up some aspirin and mix with water to form a paste. Apply to the stain and rub around gently. Wash clothes like normal, or you can rinse the aspirin off in the sink after it sits for 15-20 minutes.

Remove other Protein Based Stains

Use this same method for other protein based stains (food stains). Again, if you are traveling or run out of stain remover, this is just a really neat thing to keep in mind.

Use it in the Garden

This is an old favorite chemistry trick of mine. We shared it last year in our post “Mind-Blowing Chemistry Tips.”

It is good for black spots, white mildew, and other fungal issues.

Another scientific gardening tip is how acetylsalicylic acid can help keep plants healthy during transplanting or planting. I learned this in horticulture, but have talked with many older gardeners who have done this for years! Usually, you can mix one tablet of aspirin into one gallon of water. Soak roots in it before transplanting to prevent shock,

I read this book a long time ago about using aspirin to lower pH for plants too especially in hydroponic planting.

Treat Pimples

My favorite blemish treatment is definitely using tea tree oil, but you probably don’t always have that with you. Aspirin is a great option for that! It works the same as many over the counter treatments too. Just crush up one aspirin, add a little water, dab onto pimple, and leave overnight. I have done this before and it works well!

Anti-Fungal for Skin

Due to it’s chemical properties, you can use aspirin to treat fungal issues on skin like athletes foot. Crush aspirin up into a powder, sprinkle on to the area. Just a light dusting is good. Do this once or twice per day.

If you want more of a paste to leave on the area, just add a few drops of water.

Treat Insect Bites

Since aspirin does so well with inflammation, you can use the same past mentioned above to dab onto insect bites. Not only does it relieve the itch or sting, but it also reduces the swelling.

I ran out of my usual anti-itch cream last summer and had huge mosquito bites on my back that were itching so bad. I just made some aspirin paste, and it really relieved the itching and swelling!

Disclaimer: Before using anything on your skin, always test a small area first. Testing is important for gardening and home use too, always be careful!

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  • Cosette Burke Cosette Burke on Mar 04, 2024

    Using Aspirin & lemon juice together creates a great face peel.

    1. Mash 6-12 non-coated aspirin into a powder.

    2. Combine aspirin with freshly squeezed lemon juice until it dissolves and turns into a paste.

    3. Apply to skin and let sit for 10 minutes.

    4. Remove face mask by dipping cotton in baking soda and water; gently wipe off the paste using the cotton.

  • Sally H. Sally H. on Apr 21, 2024