Goodwill Hacks That Everyone Needs to See

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Jamie from The Crafty DIY Guy hits his favorite thrift shop again and shares his Goodwill hacks, tips, and tricks. He brought home a selection of really cool things from Goodwill this round. All he had to do was clean and polish up the items, which is the real secret to shopping at Goodwill.

Jaime is a huge candle collector. He loves them all over the house and Goodwill is the perfect place to find them. So when he spots candlesticks, he has to have them. Jaime scored a wood and metal industrial-style candlestick ($4.09) and a battery-operated pillar candle ($1.09) to pair.

For $5, he was able to bring home a look that would have been at least triple the price at any top home goods store. He also grabbed clear glass candlesticks of three different sizes to use on his mantle with colored candles.

Next on tap, six woven placemats from Goodwill for $4 that he plans to repurpose as a wallcovering for the back of a shelf to add an elegant touch of texture.

Thrift store

Another passion of Jaime’s? CorningWare–even if it’s not vintage. He found a lidded baking dish for $2.09 that he’ll use daily. The CorningWare Sauce Maker he found is a little gem of a dish for just over $3. He found the exact same sauce maker (with a lid) for $60 on eBay.

Jaime bought shoes ($8.99), a classic oxford shirt, and a flannel shirt (both were in perfect condition and cost $6.24 each) at Goodwill. He sprayed the inside of the shoes with antibacterial spray and conditioned the leather. Who could pass up those very expensive G.H. Bass Weejuns loafers?

Jaime loves his Goodwill haul, the prices and quality can’t be beaten. Have you bought things at Goodwill that you were excited to find? Let us know your Goodwill tips, and how you shop the store.

Goodwill hacks

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  • Jeanette Stringham Jeanette Stringham on Apr 07, 2024

    I was unhappily surprised by our "new improved" Goodwill last week... a 1/10th the items at more than twice the price. one deal featured 4 $ store plates as a set for $16!

    No thanks. I left.

  • Tamie Tamie on Apr 08, 2024

    Why should I have to buy highend donated items online? Makes no sense to me. Prices on goodwill online are more than resellers prices plus no real idea the condition. Someone is getting very rich here on the kindness of others.