The Top Dollar Tree Organization Hacks For Your Home

by Simplify

Kallie, the simple living expert from But First, Coffee, was recently inspired during a trip to the Dollar Tree. And today, she’s sharing her personal Dollar Tree organization hacks so that you can tidy up your home in the simplest and most affordable way possible.

Her first tip for Dollar Tree organization is to pick up some plastic teacher boxes to store electronics in. Kallie loves that these boxes are clear, easy to stack, and can easily be labeled with her label maker.

Plus, she says that the clip-in pencil pouches you can find at the Dollar Tree work well to store any loose cords or wires you have lying around the house. And you can even place as many pencil pouches as you need right into a binder for easy access.

When it comes to Dollar Tree pantry organization, tiered wire shelves can quickly be upgraded with foam poster board and vinyl contact paper to make a custom spice shelf that fits perfectly inside your cabinet.

Kallie says you can also make your own lazy susan out of burner covers, papers, brads, and washers. And nearly all of the items you need for both of these projects can be found at the Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree home organization hacks

Dollar Tree organization ideas from Kallie also include hanging measuring cups and measuring spoons on command hooks right inside your cabinet door. And all of these Dollar Tree organization items can be purchased right at the store.

Other Dollar Tree organization hacks include decanting dish soap into decorative soap dispensers and purchasing Dollar Tree organization bins for countertop storage.

Dollar Tree organization hacks

With Kallie’s help, you can implement these Dollar Tree organizations hacks as soon as you get to the store. And maybe you’ll be just as inspired as Kallie and come up with new ideas of your own.

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