Dollar Tree Organization Hacks to Make Decluttering a Breeze

Decluttering your house may feel overwhelming, so oftentimes people do not know where to start and push it off.

Today, I have 10 little decluttering projects that you can do without investing too much time in it, and it is just so rewarding.

Nearly in each area, I used Dollar Tree organization products to make sure my space is as efficient and visually pleasant if possible.

Here are ten decluttering areas and ten Dollar Tree organization hacks that will help you get started on your decluttering journey.

Flower display

Craft room

To organize my craft room, I picked up three basketball hoops at the kids section, spray painted them gold, attached them to a painted canvas with a hot glue gun, put in some cups I had also spray painted gold and filled them with my floral projects.

This was a perfect way to take advantage of the vertical space. Moreover, it made for a beautiful backdrop for any pictures or zoom calls that I might have in the space.

Cleaning supplies

If it has been a while since you took a look at your cleaning towels, sponges and dish towels, take 20 minutes to go through them and get rid of all the stained, torn and worn out items.

I recommend purchasing cleaning towels at Dollar Tree and cutting them into four sections each, creating plenty of smaller towels. It is such a joy to have a fresh towel when you need to clean up a mess instead of an old smelly rug.

Dollar Tree’s oblong acrylic organization bins are great for organizing these items, and they fit perfectly with Dollar Tree's wire stacking racks.

Cleaning floor


My small but powerful seventh generation laundry soap, an OxiClean whitener and a stain cleaner are all I need in my laundry room, eliminating so much clutter.

I believe in installing economical systems that take up little space but do a great job, such as my Bona system, which comes with two mop heads and is great for collecting pet hair in addition to its regular mop functions.

Take a look at your supplies and consider investing in a smarter system that takes up less space and demands less of your time and energy.

Personal care items

If you have just a few minutes for a declutter project, this is the one for you. Take stock of one personal care item in your home, such as soap. Unwrap all those bars and display them in a less visually cluttered way. Now you will always know how much you have left.


In our bathrooms we have two sets of towels per person, as well as a little stash of swim towels and dog wash towels that get neglected, so this is what I am going through and organizing into containers.

One of my best tips for you in keeping areas of your home decluttered is labeling. This helps you remember where things go and allows for your household members to keep up the system that you have worked so hard to put in place.

I recently found clip-on labels for bins at Dollar Tree. The only thing I do not like about them is there is no kind of plastic covering on them, so I covered them with packing tape, which was necessary for a high humidity area.

Dollar Tree organization hack

Socks and underwear

I have one drawer for all of those items, and some of my socks have seen better days, so I decided to throw out the ripped and worn out ones and go shopping for new ones. Dollar Tree carries packages of one to three pairs, the one pair package being a bit more expensive, thicker and higher quality.

The easiest way to declutter socks is to purchase all the same color. I am only keeping my everyday white and black socks, and of course also my cozy socks. These often come as holiday gifts, so just after the holidays is the perfect time to get rid of old socks and make space for new ones.

I am emptying the drawer, throwing out all the triangle fillers from swimsuits and sports bras that have accumulated here, and cleaning the drawer with a lint roller – even the ones that are not that great on clothes do a good job cleaning out drawers.

I believe that taking the time to make your spaces not only functional but also visually appealing Is key to remain motivated to keep the spaces clean. Transparent rectangular boxes work really well in drawers, and I am laying out some pretty rose gold wrapping paper on the bottom, too.


I used acrylic containers and clear double sided tape to make space for all of my jewelry in a drawer.

When decluttering your jewelry, I recommend you divide it into two separate categories: items you wear on an everyday basis and the dressier pieces. My everyday jewelry is pretty basic, and it is going in the six closest compartments.

The rest of my jewelry, which I wear on special occasions or to church, I put in a hanging organizer.



If organizing your clothes seems overwhelming to you, here is an easier way to do it. Set aside 20 minutes, categorize your clothes by color and type: tops, dresses, etc. This way you can see how many you have in the same color scheme, and the second time you go through your closet you will easily get rid of repeats.


Getting rid of your old and worn out hangers makes such a difference. Designate a specific spot in your closet for empty hangers instead of having them poke out throughout your closet. This way, when you do laundry you will be able to just grab them all and hang your clothes.

To avoid wrinkles, once you get your clothes out of the dryer, put collared shirts on a hanger and button the top button and one in the middle, and put your pants on hangers, too. Make them all face in the same direction to make your closet prettier and easier to navigate.


Most households have 10 times the amount of mugs that you could reasonably use in a week. In the space I cleared out, I was able to put syrups and oils, which I transferred into little squeeze bottles I found at the Dollar Tree half price section, which fit better in height than the original bottles.

Dollar Tree organization hack

I hope you will try these projects at home and enjoy their results. Let me know how it goes in the comments. And if you are already into decluttering, what was your very first project?

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