22 Cool Scents From Dollar Tree Using Unexpected Items

With the holidays coming, we all want our homes to smell wonderful. However, all those candles and soaps might get a bit pricey. Today I want to share the best ways to fill your house with cool scents only with products from the Dollar Tree.

1. Grab the Coastal Cedar scent from the Delta Home Collection and simply pour it into a glass hand soap container. You will duplicate those beautiful rich jewel tones of the high-priced hand soaps. Another product with a great scent is the Defining Shampoo for Curls – pour it into a crystal glass hand soap container and then add some food coloring of whatever holiday color you love.

Faux wool pumpkin from Dollar Tree as a diffuser

2. Get a faux wool pumpkin from Dollar Tree for a festive scent diffuser. Just drop a few of your favorite essential oils on top and let that evaporate in the air over time. Make sure that the oil does not come in contact with your furniture.

3. To make your laundry smell amazing, pick up some wool dryer balls and drop a couple drops of your favorite essential oils on them. Get them into the machine and prepare to be amazed. I always wrap them in a sock to make sure that no oil gets on my clothes.

4. One of the quickest ways to make your home smell fresh is to wash your rugs, towels and linens with scent boosters, and the Dollar Tree scent boosters are an excellent choice. The Dollar Tree scent beads are great for this, too.

5. If you have pets, they might be the source of many unpleasant odors. Make sure not only to keep them clean, but also their collar and their bedding.

6. Pets’ chairs definitely collect odors as well. You can neutralize those by sneaking a fabric softener sheet under the blanket.

DIY easy and cheap air freshener

7. If you like a really subtle fresh fragrance, pick up some salt and your favorite fabric softener. You will also need 5 condiment cups which you can get at the party section. Begin by filling those condiment cups ¾ full with coarse salt, then add the fabric softener on top – just enough to cover the salt. Punch some holes in the caps, close the cups, and there you have it – an easy and cheap air freshener.

8. Before we add fragrances to our home, it is vital that we remove any musty or mildew smells under our sinks. The best product for this is the 125 moisture eliminator from Dollar Tree. Make sure to remove the aluminum covering. The charcoal inside draws water and moisture in and traps it.

9. If you want to get rid of the unpleasant odors in your shoes, get a small pack of dryer sheets from Dollar Tree and stuff one in each of your shoes. This will give them a nice fresh scent.

10. If you live in a small space like we do, I recommend you pick one scent and stick with it. I love this Gain Fresh scent, and use it both in homemade air fresheners and dryer sheets.

11. You might already know this, but if not, baking soda is great for freshening your laundry and other spaces in your home.

Dollar Tree baking soda carpet freshener

12. If you use microfiber or other types of reusable cleaning cloths, soaking those in baking soda and water is wonderful for getting the residue and dirt out. The Dollar Tree baking soda carpet freshener has an overpowering smell, and often comes out in clumps, so you can make a more cost-effective version at home. Just sift your baking soda and add your favorite essential oils, then transfer that concoction in an empty soda container.

13. If you have a really sensitive nose or sensitive skin, consider the Dragonfly brand. Many of their products have unscented versions. I did not enjoy their pink lemonade bath soap, but the pink coconut scent was great.

14. Candles can be really expensive, and honestly, Dollar Tree just does not compete. The packaging and the scent of the Dollar Tree scented candles are not good enough for the price, so I do not recommend buying those.

15. I tried out the Dollar Tree seasonal scent cubes, specifically the pumpkin and toasted marshmallow duo pack. Those smelled great in the package, but once I burned them, there was a bit of a waxy paraffin smell to them that just did not appeal to me, so this one is a pass.

16. Another cost-effective alternative for all the candle lovers are Walmart's Mulled Cider and Fall Farmhouse candles. Those give a wonderful, modest scent without overpowering, and they cost less than $5 each.

Making Dollar Tree fragrances at home

17. Let’s make some Dollar Tree fragrances at home! Start with citrus, like the small mandarin orange packet, a lemon or orange. Next, add a tablespoon of cinnamon, followed by a tablespoon of vanilla. Then add water until the pot simmers and smells fresh.

18. If you prefer a spicier scent, grab one cup of cranberry juice along with a tablespoon of ground cloves and two cups of water instead.

19. Dollar Tree has a line of essential oils, so let's put those to the test by making an easy and affordable re-diffuser. Get some bottles with a small opening at the top, cuticle oil with vitamin E, bamboo skewers from the cooking section and rubbing alcohol or inexpensive vodka. Pour in some alcohol and the essential oils, cut the bamboo skewers in an angle to allow them to soak the oil up more quickly and put them in. I did not enjoy the throw of the scent, but it was a fun project.

Dollar Tree’s scented cinnamon brooms

20. If cinnamon is the scent of the holidays for you, you have to try Dollar Tree’s scented cinnamon brooms. Decorate it with a seasonal bow and hang it by your front door. You could also put one on the dashboard of your car and be greeted with a festive smell every time you open it.

21. Dollar Tree’s newest product is a white sage lily and musk hanging freshener. I use it in my closet, but if your nose is sensitive, consider leaving it in the cellophane package and just opening a corner, as it is pretty strong.

22. For a natural and cost-effective way to freshen your home, pick up a package of eucalyptus. I love the scent that this gave off in my car, but you can also hang it from your shower and get a spa-like experience every time.

Cool scents from Dollar Tree

Which tip was your favorite? Do you have any other festive scent ideas? Share in the comments!

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