10 Things I Don't Buy Anymore That Save Me Time & Money

by Simplify

Kallie Branciforte from But First, Coffee compares our possessions to employees: we get them to serve the purpose, but once if the effort that maintaining them takes is greater than the value that they bring us, it is time to get rid of them.

Following this principle, she has created a list of “things I don’t buy anymore”. Here it is.

1. Throw rugs

With kids in the house, decorative rugs make it harder to keep the house clean.

2. Home decor for flat surfaces

However pretty, these are mostly just dust collectors and do not add real value to your life.

3. Excess toys

Too much choice overwhelms the child, and toys are really hard to inventory and manage, so only the ones that the kids play with consistently are worth the effort.

4. Overstock food

Kallie says that only purchasing ingredients for the meals she planned to make made her life much easier (and, obviously, cheaper).

5. Throw pillows

The amount of times you have to pick those up or move them aside is not worth the entirely decorative value that they bring.

Things I don't buy anymore

6. Books

A principle that helped Kallie was only getting the book if she was ready to start reading it right away.

7. Beauty supplies

Try to streamline your beauty routine: you only really need one of each product.

8. Occasion outfits

Kallie does not buy items that can only be worn once anymore, and it has made her wardrobe so much less cluttered.

9. High-maintenance clothing

Clothing items that do not require special treatment make for a simpler morning routine and simpler life.

10. Excess accessories

Stick to the items you keep wearing over and over and don’t let unnecessary ones clutter your wardrobe.

Things I don't buy anymore

Do you think the time has come to minimize your own belongings? What are you thinking of reducing first? Let us know in the comments!

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