10 Things I Don't Buy Anymore in Order to Live Zero Waste

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by That Hippie Family

There are just some things I don’t buy anymore. I can’t justify buying them anymore and not buying them helps me to live with zero waste. I don’t buy these things anymore because they aren’t eco-conscious, they aren’t totally worn out, or they are worn out and they’ll end up in a landfill so I keep them.

I could donate some of the things I’ll show you. But that’s wasteful, too, since they’re in good shape and I can still continue using them.

Using a plastic bottle as a soap dispenser

1. Soap dispenser

I’ve had this plastic soap bottle for three years. I just refill this bottle from a big jug. It’s plastic, it’s still in great shape, so I have to keep it, but I won’t buy another plastic bottle.

Using up salt before buying more

2. Salt

I bought a large box of salt a few years ago. I want to buy pink Himalayan salt for its nutrients but I can’t do that until I finish this big box of salt.

Mismatched dishes

3. Matching dishes

I’d love to have cute matching dishes and we use jars as cups. But we don’t need all this stuff. I will donate them to a thrift store. But my dishes are still in good shape, so unless I break all of them, I can’t buy new ones. If they break, I will use them in garden pots for drainage.

Worn down flip flops

4. Flip-flops

I may have to replace my flip-flops this year. I’ve had these for five years but they’re so worn out but they haven’t broken yet. There are no holes on the bottom, either. But they are awful for landfill since they don’t biodegrade. When I replace them, I’ll buy biodegradable ones.

How to live zero waste

5. Rainboots

I love rainboots, and I have this pair that’s in great shape but I rarely wear them. I don’t love them. They are too short and they don’t have a liner in them to keep my feet warm. I can’t justify getting rid of them. There’s nothing really wrong with them.

Using a poncho as a rain jacket

6. Rain jacket

This poncho is like a big giant piece of plastic. It doesn’t rain often here. I never use it. When we move, I may need a better, warmer rain jacket since it’ll rain there all the time. Maybe I’ll justify replacing this poncho when we move.

How to make nail polish last

7. Nail polish

I have a huge bag of nail polish and some are so old. They don’t go bad if you keep them in a cool, dry place. Add a little acetone when they get thick, they work well. I have plenty of them, so can’t buy new ones.

Small French press coffee maker

8. French press coffee maker

We have a tiny French press. Chad likes to take a big thermos of coffee to work, but he uses this tiny press. He makes it really strong and then adds water to the thermos. So, we both agree there’s no point in buying a new and bigger one right now.

Things I don't buy anymore

9. Bunny hugs

Bunny hugs are hoodies. I have way too many of them. Where I grew up, it’s normal to have them. I would love a brand-new bunny hug, but I have too many to justify a new one.

Things I don't buy

10. Mattress

I really, really, really want to replace this but it’s at the bottom of our priority list. Our current mattress is my old mattress. This mattress is 30 years old and it’s in great shape! It’s been taken really good care of. It’s not bad, but I’d love a new mattress but we need a lot of other things first. We need to save up for an eco-friendly one.

Things I don't buy

What about you? What are some things you can't buy anymore? How do you justify living without those things? If you have recommendations for eco-conscious companies that offer these products, please share them with me in the comments.

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    No more single use plastic water bottles. I filter all drinking water. It's cheaper and better for the environment 😌.

  • Gbe69776730 Gbe69776730 on Jun 28, 2024

    If the lid from your kitchen soap refill fits your smaller bottle keep the lid. I have a smaller dish soap bottle that I know is over 5 years old. I just had to replace the snap up lid a few times from the larger refill bottles. I also recycled a pump acne soap bottle for the liquid hand soap bottle because it was taller and I don't have to refill it every darn week. I use bar bath soap because it last longer. Use cloth napkins and towels in kitchen. I have cut up a torn up sheet into squares to use instead of paper towels ( it got caught in the washer aggitator) . My refrig is 30 years old and ice maker went out so now we use ice trays. The frig still works great and the cost to replace ice maker was crazy. Still use my 39 year old tupperware and canning jars to store food in . We reuse some jelly jars with handles as our drink glasses (they are so sturdy).