Dollar Tree’s Exciting New Product Line (Don't Miss This!)

by Simplify

Kathryn from Do It on a Dime has been exploring the new additions to Dollar Tree, a popular discount store known for its low prices. She shares some unexpected bargains she discovered, comparing prices with Walmart, and highlighting new items never seen before at Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree's Extended Price Range

Dollar Tree is expanding its price range beyond the traditional $1.25, with new sections offering products priced from $3 to $5. These include popular food items like Talenti Gelato Layer Ice Cream and Breyers ice cream, which offer significant savings compared to Walmart. However, she warns shoppers to compare prices, as not all items, like Good Humor strawberry shortcake bars, are cheaper than at Walmart.

Thrifty Finds

Kathryn also reveals a new $3 section with surprisingly good deals, such as Dino Buddies, Jimmy Dean's breakfast sandwiches and bites, and Klondike bars, which all retail for significantly more at other stores. She also spotlights high-end beverages like Jones brand drinks, boba tea-style drinks, and Harito brand sodas in the $1.25 section.

New Cleaning Supplies

In the cleaning supplies section, Kathryn recommends Scrub Buddies for kitchenware and a new carpet and upholstery cleaner from the Totally Awesome brand. She also highlights natural sprays in lavender and cinnamon scents.

New Decor and Crafts

Kathryn is impressed by Dollar Tree's new decor items like iridescent canisters, wooden-lid candles, and woven baskets. She’s particularly thrilled about new crafting supplies for making homemade jewelry with Dollar Tree resin and silicone molds.

Travel Section Enhancements

Finally, Kathryn praises the improved travel section, featuring hand sanitizers, blender travel cases, travel toothbrushes, and travel-sized name brands like Jergens and Pantene. She also mentions convenient makeup brush holders and back-to-school items that double as excellent organizers.

Who doesn't love an amazing discount deal?

The new additions to Dollar Tree are well worth a visit for anyone looking to save without compromising on quality!

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  • Lynne Nichols Kinney Lynne Nichols Kinney on Aug 03, 2023

    First time I've watched one of your videos. Why do people pronounce Reese's Receees? LOL. Do you say Receeee Witherspoon? Never could understand that.😁

    • Linda S. Linda S. on Aug 08, 2023

      It’s a matter of punctuation . Reese is the name, but it’s Reese’s Pieces, as if Reese owned them. Like, you wouldn’t say “let’s go to Nancy house”. You would say “let’s go to Nancy’s house”. So it’s not Reese Pieces, it’s Reese’s Pieces, as if they owned them. It’s not Sally bike, but Sally’s bike. Does this explain it for you?

  • Ruth Ruth on Aug 25, 2023

    Reese’s but not pronounced Reeeeeseeees; like it is Reese’s house not Reeeseees