Game-Changing Dollar Tree Organization & Cleaning Hacks

Get ready to simplify and elevate your daily routine because I am going to show you some simple hacks for organizing your home no matter whether you rent or own and whether it is large or small.

Here are the best strategies for organizing your home that use Dollar Tree organization products. These are going to make your life so much easier this year. Let’s get started!

1. Set your vision and intention

Dollar Tree is a great place to buy supplies to create a vision board - a visual representation of things you are hoping to happen this year. The power of setting an intention for the coming months keeps you focused and keeps you moving forward in that direction.

2. Central command

To make your home feel especially organized, develop a central command for all your cleaning and restock items.

Seeing everything you have in one place is going to eliminate over-purchasing and impulse buys, as well as make more room and decrease visual clutter.

Moreover, you will always know when to buy more. Take advantage of sales and promotions on cleaning supplies and restock items this time of year. I decided to stock this area for at least three months.

The best Dollar Tree cleaning products

Dollar Tree cleaning product

I have put a shoe holder on the back of the door of my overstock cabinet, and I use it for cleaning gloves and such. Make sure that whatever you are keeping in here does not prevent the door from closing.

Dollar Tree cleaning product

One of my favorite Dollar Tree cleaning products is this duster. I have never found anything more effective than this at $1.25.

Dollar Tree cleaning product

This little kneeler comes in handy for scrubbing bathtubs or anything else where you need to get down low and you need that cushion for your knee.

LA’s Totally Awesome bleach comes in this little container which fits perfectly for our space, and it is a great quality product. I also love the Totally Awesome window cleaner refill.

I have been using Palmolive clear dish soap now and I love it. It does not have any scent or color and is so easy on the skin. If I want a scent I can add essential oils to that.

Dollar Tree cleaning product

This peppermint sage cleaner sprays out really well, I love its minimal look, and the smell is great, too, although it is pretty strong.

Dollar Tree cleaning product

I have stocked up on cleaning supplies for half a year, maybe more, and these pull-out handle shelves make it easy to reach and access everything while using the entire space of the cabinet.

Dollar Tree cleaning product

These automotive sponges from Dollar Tree are a great alternative if you need to wipe down baseboards or large surfaces like doors. I also love these soft automotive cloths for cleaning delicate things.

Dollar Tree cleaning product

This is a dish towel rack from Dollar Tree that I have placed on the door of this cabinet, and it is such a great hack.

Tackling paper clutter

Paper clutter and household office supplies can be one of the most frustrating areas of our homes to organize. Here are a few Dollar Tree organization hacks that come in handy.

Dollar Tree basket

This year I am using these wire baskets from Dollar Tree and I am dedicating a shelf of my bookshelf to just those. I am not filling them with anything, but rather leaving them empty until it is time for a sorting project.

Then I will use them to sort my receipts, papers, instructions, and anything else that is cluttering my surfaces.

Everyone needs a calendar to start the new year, and my preference is a calendar where you can see the whole month at a glance, or even the whole year at a glance.

It keeps you from missing out on things that may be on that next page. I get mine at Dollar Tree, as well as my highlighters.

Personal care items to get at the Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a great place to stock up, especially on personal care items that you use daily, and you might pay a lot more for at another store.

For example, I get my eyebrow kit from here, and it works great. What are some of the other items to pay attention to?

Take a look at your hairbrush and, if it has seen better days, check out Dollar Tree's hair styling aisle. They have many different kinds of hairbrushes, so I am sure you are going to find one that works for you.

Dollar Tree’s Colgate toothpaste

Dollar Tree’s Colgate toothpaste is one of my all-time favorites, because it eliminates the need to squeeze a toothpaste tube ever again or getting in fights with someone that you share the bathroom with.

Remove the label where the picture of a zipper is, turn it upside down and just store them this way. It is always ready to use, there is no mess, and we know exactly when it needs to be replaced. Their toothbrush selection is also great, so stock up at the Dollar Tree.

If you love a good loofah scrub in the shower, remember those loofahs can sometimes harbor bacteria. I am a big fan of Dollar Tree's loofah towels that can be hung up on your towel bar to completely air dry.

You can also throw them in your washing machine and hang them to dry. Moreover, they pack super easily, which makes them perfect for traveling, and you can even cut them in half to make them occupy even less space.

Another great item is the plastic hair ties. Classic hair ties and the little claw clips will often leave a mark on your hair if you wear them too long, but these never do in my hair. This means I can actually wear these to sleep at night, wake up in the morning and there is no line, which saves me a lot of time in styling my hair and keeps it healthier.

Dollar Tree organization

I hope you have enjoyed these Dollar Tree organization hacks and will remember this article the next time you are at the Dollar Tree.

What are your favorite organizing and cleaning products, and what are the things you normally buy at the Dollar Tree? Let me know in the comments!

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