10 Dollar Tree Organizations Hacks

Today, I'm going to show you how to get your small space decluttered and organized using Dollar Tree organization tricks.

Some of the most unlikely items come from Dollar Tree's party section. You can live an upscale lifestyle on a downsized budget.

Three-compartment party trays

1. Three-compartment party trays

All these clear trays are made for dips and finger foods. They make excellent drawer organizers, especially in awkward size drawers. If you have a larger space, you could buy several of these and stack them right next to each other.

2. Mini cordial glasses

I did a whole episode on using cat litter pans as organizers. So we're going to go over to the party section today, and we're going to maximize the space of those cat litter pans.

Mini cordial glasses

We will pick up some of these mini cordial glasses from the party section at Dollar Tree, and as you'll see, I will be using four per tray.

You'll see me hot-gluing these cordial glasses into the cat litter pan. I do recommend that you use a little bit stronger bond like E6000.

Silk florals

I'm doing a craft closet redo, and I was stumped on how to store my silk florals, so this will be my solution.

It's an excellent way to store lightweight items like silk florals or other craft items.

Candy jar

3. Candy jars

Consider these cute little candy containers if you're looking for appealing storage for your bath, craft room, or laundry area.

You can use them for bath salts, and make sure that when you're at Dollar Tree, you also pick up some of the lucite scoops. Since these candy jars are clear, there is no need to label them.

Wavy trays

4. Wavy trays

Pick up a package of these wavy square hors d' oeuvres plates from the Dollar Tree party section.

Wavy trays

We will use them to organize little things in drawers.

Also, if you've ever had the issue of things shifting back and forth when you open a drawer, you just want to take some of these little wavy trays and place them behind whatever organizer you have in your drawer.

Bathroom storage

5. Bathroom storage

One challenge when you're downsizing is to use the very most of that limited bathroom storage space, so you can do that by stacking vertical containers underneath your sink.

Bathroom storage

Trays fit perfectly on the locker bins Dollar Tree sells.

The larger party trays also fit some bins from Dollar Tree.

Party centerpiece

6. Party centerpiece

For under $5, visit Dollar Tree and look in their seasonal area. They always have some kind of glass or container.

This one happened to be a luau theme, but it could be any time of year. Then, you'll just want to purchase two of those plastic trays. You have a beautiful display for your next party for very little money.

Craft organizer

7. Craft organizer

If you love to do crafts, you probably have many small items that you want to be able to access quickly, but you don't want them causing clutter all around the room.

Pick up two to three of these beautiful gem-colored bowls from the Dollar Tree party section and two champagne glasses from the glassware section.

Craft organizer

We will glue those bowls and glasses as tall as you feel your space will accommodate then use them to hold crafts.

Drawer organization

8. Drawer organization

These lucite containers especially are very durable. They're an excellent little organizing tool, especially if you have an office or hobby cart.

Let's get those dresser drawers streamlined and organized using two items you've probably passed a thousand times at your local Dollar Tree.

Plastic cups

The first is a package of clear acrylic cups.

These come in several colors, but I chose the clear, and the second is the foam core board. With just these two items, we will create a system of layers in your drawer so you can use all the space.

Start by cutting your foam core to fit the space you want in your drawer. Now, make sure that you have plenty of room to slide it in and out.

Next, take your time and hot glue those cups next to each other and make sure the sides are touching each other for stability.

Drawer organization

I know that it's a sturdy system that works, and it causes me to limit what I have to the space I've created.

Keepsake box

9. Keepsake box

We just celebrated our daughter and new son-in-law's wedding, and I wanted to create a special keepsake box for all those memories that I've collected.

Keepsake box

I wanted to make a less expensive version using these gift boxes from Dollar Tree.

I'm using a roll of Christmas wrapping paper. Now, if you find this after the season, I recommend you snap it up in these metallic colors like gold and silver.

It's such sturdy paper you can often get it at a deep discount. It makes great use for shelf liners and items we're making today.

Making keepsake box

The key to covering a box like this is to make these 90-degree notches in the corners and take your time.

Take a straight edge, measure it out, and ensure no excess paper at the corners.

Keepsake box

These bows from the baby section at Dollar Tree are so adorable to use around a special keepsake box or a gift.

My corsage from my daughter’s wedding will stay out of the dust and wear and tear; whenever I want to relive that special day, all I need to do is take that little band off and open my box.

Turquoise box

10. Turquoise box

If you've ever received anything from the Tiffany and Co store, you know that the box has a very distinctive turquoise color.

I hoped to find some wrapping paper in this color, but I could only find cardstock, so I'm using this on the smaller box.

Making turquoise box

We're just using that same technique we used on our memory box, and I'm gluing it to fit a very custom look as if this box was truly a turquoise blue.

Turquoise box

I'm using these boxes in my craft studio to hold tea light candles and office supplies that I don't have room in my drawers for.

Dollar Tree organization

Have you used Dollar Tree organizations in your home? They have the perfect storage solutions throughout the store. Comment below and tell me how you use different Dollar Tree items to stay organized.

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  • Jod5062936 Jod5062936 on Oct 14, 2023
    LOVE! Especially the pink tiered tray, and how you covered the boxes for a pretty display. Keep posing, thank you!