Easy Dollar Tree Organization Tips & Ideas

If you're ready to get your whole house organized, I'm showing you the top Dollar Tree organization pieces you will use over and over again.

Having the right organizational tools can make all the difference in keeping things organized. Read on to find out which pieces are worth buying.

Refrigerator organizer

1. Refrigerator organizer

I think this makes a great tool for meal prep and puts all those ingredients in one place so they're ready to go when it's time to cook.

Refrigerator organizer

They're also a great tool for organizing the laundry area, all those little items that seem to roll around in our laundry spaces.

This year, I'm focusing only on containers that I can use in multiple places.

Sock drawer organization

2. Sock drawer organization

I decided it was time for my husband's sock drawer to get an upgrade. I am using a Lucite box from Dollar Tree and fabric organizers to make a little more sense of his drawer.

Sock drawer organization
Drawer organizers

This is called micro-organizing, when we place one organizer inside the other.

It will keep those socks corralled and leave more space on the side for additional socks.

3. Drawer organizers

For a budget-friendly drawer organizing hack, we're going to Dollar Tree's party section to pick up this triple portion tray.

Drawer organizers

I'm showing you how I staged this for its intended purpose, but if you decide to use it for hors d 'oeuvre, you'll probably want to get two or three and stack them together.

Drawer organizers

I also use Dollar Tree's three-section hors d' oeuvre tray, the smaller size, in a very awkward little drawer in our kitchen, but the larger size makes it possible for you to organize even bigger drawers.

4. Bathroom organizing

My husband and I live in a 1,100-square-foot rental space, so we always look to multiply our bathroom counter space.

Bathroom organizing

This little tray is a great size to corral all your makeup and everything you need to get ready in the morning, and then when you're finished, you can slide it underneath your sink.

I am using the three-section tray to sort my drawers while cleaning them out. If you're ready to declutter your whole house, Dollar Tree is stocked and ready with all sorts of containers. They usually come out with some new colors.

It seems like they're muted this year with gray, rose, and what I used to call seafoam green. I also hit the jackpot at Dollar Tree, and they were fully stocked with their spring gardening supplies. I love the beautiful muted tones for spring.

Food storage

5. Food storage

This brand-new Dollar Tree food organizer is gigantic. I can't remember how many cups it holds, but it's the biggest food storage item I've ever seen at Dollar Tree.

Food storage

If you can't imagine how to use something this big, Dollar Tree has its tried and true nesting storage containers, which come in three beautiful colors for spring.

If you love to eat popcorn but hate the price of all those pre-popped popcorn bags, here's a little hack for you.

Food storage

If you microwave pop your popcorn, you can put it in the lid of your microwave protector, which will help you divide out those unpopped kernels.

Add the ingredients you love, pop on the lid, and shake. You will have fresh popcorn whenever you need it.

Baby shower items

6. Baby shower items

We got some really exciting news at Christmas, and that is that my husband and I will be grandparents. So, I had to include this new item that I found at Dollar Tree: all kinds of baby shower items.

I know that these Dollar Tree items will help us save so much money and make that shower beautiful. If you're not finding any of these items at your local Dollar Tree, watch their website.

You can order these items and have them delivered to your local store without shipping.

Hook storage

7. Hook storage

I've been looking for a solution to hold my yoga equipment, and these hooks in gray and white are sturdy enough to hold everything I need them to.

I also couldn't believe I found a high-quality yoga kneeler. These are great for doing yoga and making it easier on your joints, but for any household chore, you need to get down on the floor.

Hook storage

These hooks are wonderful for outdoor winter items that you need to grab and go, as well as holding jewelry and camis.

8. Paper clutter

I'm so excited for this year because I have so many ideas to share with you, and my goal is to help you spend the least amount of money and finally get your home organized and decluttered.

Many of you have told me you struggle with paper organization, and this new Dollar Tree item is here to the rescue.

Paper clutter solution

These cardboard paper organizing boxes assemble quickly and have so many features that make them a great bargain.

They are super sturdy and have carry handles and little plastic rails for your hanging files to glide on.

You can buy a few of these at this price and get all your cards, your kid's artwork, and even your taxes organized ahead of time. If you're like me and you have joint or mobility issues, this size is perfect because it won't be too heavy or hard to pick up.

Paper clutter solution

I know this is not a popular topic, but my goal is to be ready for taxes ahead of time and to, little by little, start stocking this box with all the documents I need to make tax time a breeze.

Dollar Tree organization

I hope these Dollar Tree organization ideas have helped you. They're great tools to make life simpler.

Let me know in the comments what you use for keeping your home organized.

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