The Best Dollar Tree Organization Tips, Tricks & Hacks

by Simplify

Dollar Tree products are a steal. For only $1.25 you can keep your home organized, functional, and beautiful. Check out these Dollar Tree organization hacks for ways to stay organized on a budget.

The Dollar Tree has square-shaped wire nets that they sell along with wire hangers that are super easy to use to mount on your wall. The Dollar Tree also has connector clips to connect wire hangers together and customize your space. It’s a great way to hang memos, photos, calendars, notes, and anything else you want on display.

If you have a corkboard hanging in your office space, check out Dollar Tree’s selection of beautiful pushpins. Sure, it’s just a pushpin, but it can make your space more cohesive and keep it looking fresh.

The acrylic organizers are one of Dollar Tree’s best items. They are great for in-drawer storage and can be used to keep small items, like push pins and paper clips.

The rubber-bottomed organizers are also great for use in drawers. Another great Dollar Tree accessory is their tiered writing utensil holders. They look almost like a bookshelf for pens and pencils and are useful for vertical storage.

Dollar Tree also has a cable organizer where you can slide wires inside and tuck them away so they don’t get tangled when traveling.

Using napkin holders for organization

The Dollar Tree napkin holders can be used for literally everything, not just napkins. They can hold books, papers, and mail, and you can even connect them together with zip ties to make shelves.

The over-the-door wire organizers can also be zip tied together for holding all sorts of things. Actually, the over-the-door shoe organizers, when combined with Dollar Tree clips that you can write on, are helpful for planning out your kids' outfits in advance.

Dollar Tree organization hacks

The Dollar Tree has something for every room in the house. What are your favorite Dollar Tree organization hacks? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  • Dia28302851 Dia28302851 on Sep 04, 2023

    I use Dollar Tree plastic baskets in my pantry to organize my grocery items such as soups, veggies, chips, etc. I line them on the shelf with a sticker on the basket telling what is in it-then when I want something I just pull out that basket plus it helps me know when I need to order it again. I also use two in my apartment size refrigerator: 1for cheese/lunch meat and one for leftover sauces, ketchup Pkgs, from picking up food orders to bring home.