10 Dollar Tree Travel Hacks You Need to Know For Your Next Trip

I’m going to share 10 of my favorite Dollar Tree hacks for travel. I like to find ways to live an upscale lifestyle on a downsized budget. Discount stores like Dollar Tree make it easy to live your best life without breaking the bank.

Styling reusable bags

1. Style your reusable bags

Pick up some Full Circle brand reusable bags. They are an excellent deal when compared to Amazon prices and they come in a variety of sizes. The travel bags come with a large and small bag and the reusable snap bags come with two medium size bags.

Next, head over to the sticker aisle and pick up a package of four rhinestone butterfly stickers. Clean the bags by rubbing them lightly with some alcohol. Apply the stickers and you have four beautiful reusable bags that are even prettier than their more expensive counterparts.

Screw-top travel jars from Dollar Tree

2. Travel jars

Pick up some of the screw-top travel jars. Dollar Tree also has three types of travel-size container bags. You can save so much money using products you already have at home to fill the travel containers.

Don’t get stuck buying new bottles of soaps and ointments when you travel. Just label and fill your containers and you’re good to go.

Medicine containers and bottles

3. Medicine

Medicine containers and bottles can take up so much space in our luggage. Dollar Tree carries some great alternatives. They have a medicine holder that holds seven days of day and night medications and it’s a fraction of the price of what you would find on Amazon.

You can also use these containers for earrings, jewelry, and all kinds of small items.

Using contact containers for storing earrings

4. Contact containers for storing earrings

Speaking of places you can store earrings and other jewelry and small items when you travel, try this hack. Pick up some contact lens containers unscrew the lid and drop your earrings and other small items inside. Twist the lid back on and your jewels are safe and secure.

Neutrogena makeup stick

5. Multi-use items

Lighten your load with multi-use items. One multi-use item I love to travel with is the Neutrogena makeup stick. It’s light, compact and can be used to brighten up your lips, cheeks, and even your eyelids. You won’t even have to bring a make-up bag.

Using shower caps to store shoes

6. Shower cap hack

Pick up some shower caps to wrap around your shoes before putting them in your suitcase. This will help you avoid getting other items in your bag dirty.

Travel tags from Dollar Tree

7. Travel tags

Labeling your bags is crucial when you’re flying. Get tags that are easily recognizable so you can be one of the first ones out of baggage claim after a long flight. You’ll also want to make sure your labels have your address and contact information in case something gets lost.

Worried about walking around the airport with your address, email, and phone number on full display? Pick up some carabiner clips so you can take your tags off while you walk through the airport and easily reattach them when checking in.

Packing cubes from Dollar Tree

8. Packing cubes

I never understood what the packing cube fuss was about until I tried them for myself. They come with all sorts of dividers and labels making it really easy to pack in the most efficient way.

Best of all when you arrive at your destination you don’t have to deal with a huge mess of items to find what you need. Everything is easy to find and remains nice and organized.

Capsule wardrobe for traveling

9. Capsule wardrobe

Lighten your load with a capsule wardrobe for your trip. Create a capsule of clothing that contains neutral colors that are easy to mix and match.

Follow the 80/20 rule choosing %80 neutral colors and %20 prints or bolder colors. This will ensure you don’t waste space with items you probably won’t end up wearing and it will eliminate the decision fatigue that can come from putting outfits together.

Carry-on bag with a sleeve

10. Carry-on with a sleeve

If you don’t already have one, I highly recommend picking up a carry-on bag with a sleeve. This allows you to securely attach and rest your bag through the handlebars of your suitcase without having to worry about it sliding off and falling. I find it makes traveling so much easier on my back.

10 Dollar Tree travel hacks

Use these 10 Dollar Tree travel hacks to streamline your adventures. These tips will make sure you spend less time worrying and more time enjoying.

Do you have any great travel tips you didn’t see listed here? Leave me a comment and share your favorite hacks for easy and organized travel.  

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