50 Simple Dollar Tree Ideas for Your Home: Decor, Storage & More

by Simplify

Today, Kallie is showing you different Dollar Tree ideas for home hacks. She is the master of DIYs and has some great DIY home decor ideas using affordable Dollar Tree items, helping you to make your house look beautiful even if you’re on a tight budget.

If you buy ring holders with adhesive, they are great for hanging all sorts of items, and the scarf holders are a great way to store your scarves. You can buy shower curtain rings and put them on top of a hanger in order to be able to hang more than one hanger vertically, or use pipe cleaners to make a DIY no-slip hanger instead of paying top-dollar for one that’s already been made for you.

You can clip chains to a basket to create a hanging double-basket that is great for storing fruit in the kitchen or toys in a kid’s bedroom. If you’re into DIY storage ideas, you can glue napkin holders together to create a mail sorter, or attach them to a wall to create a mini-bookshelf for a kid’s room.

Dollar Tree ideas for your home

The Dollar Tree also has some great bargains on cleaning and home maintenance items, like toothbrushes that are good for cleaning those hard-to-get-to spaces, or shoe erasers that can also function like magic erasers. They have furniture pens in different colors that you can match to your furniture to fill in cracks, allowing you to cover up damage and have your old furniture look almost new.

You can use many of the Dollar Tree items to DIY fancy-looking decor pieces, like taking a plain picture frame and transforming it into a brick-pattern frame, combining rugs to create a doormat accent piece and creating DIY hexagon shelves using popsicle sticks.

Dollar Tree ideas for your home

These DIY Dollar Tree home decor hacks show that beautiful doesn’t need to mean expensive; with some creative thinking and a little bit of work, you can turn cheap items into stunning decor pieces for your home.

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  • Becki Becki on Oct 21, 2022

    Also she only commented on a few, she had many great ideas. If they didn’t want comments they wouldn’t have this area for them.

  • Kat68699290 Kat68699290 on Oct 24, 2022

    I loved almost every trick she demonstrated, except maybe the plastic animal ones at the very end. As an older woman whose grandchildren are almost fully grown, I wasn't overly fond of them. But if I had small kids or grandkids, I think I would've liked them as well. My daughter-in-law is a third grade teacher and these would be great for her students to make, as well as an activity for Bible school or Sunday school. Can't wait to watch more videos. :)