Try These Goodwill Shopping Tips, Tricks & Hacks

by Simplify

Goodwill shopping is one of the smartest ways to get amazing products at a really affordable price.

Throw the words ‘old’ and ‘used’ out of your vocabulary, because many of the items you’ll find when you shop Goodwill are actually brand new with tags still on them or just slightly used.

To help you make the most out of your next shopping trip, Kathryn from Do It On a Dime has uploaded some Goodwill shopping videos to her YouTube channel to guide you.

The best Goodwill to shop at is a Goodwill outlet. Goodwill outlets are the last stop shop for clothes that haven’t previously sold in your area.

These clothes, in particular, are headed to the landfill next, so you can find some deep discounts here.

Instead of paying per item, like you do in normal Goodwill stores, you simply grab a cart, fill it up, and pay only $1.39 per pound of clothes.

Kathryn suggests visiting your closest outlet in the late afternoon and waiting for at least three rounds of bins to come out. That way you get first dibs on any new items they have in store.

Another great option is to visit a GW near you. GW’s are Goodwill’s boutique stores where many of the higher-end clothing, jewelry, shoes, and home decor pieces end up.

Not only will you find great prices at GW, but you’ll also score some pretty nice products as well.

To keep the discounts growing, Kathryn also recommends signing up for Goodwill’s rewards program. Signing up allows you to track the money you spend, earn points, and get cash off your total during future visits.

Lastly, the best day to shop at Goodwill is either Monday or Tuesday since most stores put out their new stock on these days.

Goodwill shopping

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