How to Hack Amazon Online Shopping: 19 Tips & Tricks

I love all things Amazon and I love finding their best deals. I have learned how to hack Amazon online shopping deals and I want to show you my top hacks that they don’t want you to know about! These are Amazon’s little secret shopping tips and tricks that will save you money.

1. Email Jeff Bezos

Email Jeff Bezos directly at or I emailed him about a concern and his assistant emailed me back.

2. Bypass Amazon Prime

If you’re using Prime just for the free shipping, all you need to do is fill your cart with $25 worth of items or more and the little trick here is that if you have an item that’s $20 or $23 and you need a bit more, there’s a web page called “filler items” at

Go there and you can put in $2, or $3 and it’ll show you all the items for that price. There are also dirt-cheap deals on this site.

Discounted Amazon Prime

3. Get discounted Amazon Prime

You can get discounted Amazon Prime for $5.99 a month or half of the regular Amazon Prime amount if you have an EBT card or WIC, you can get it for only $5.99 a month. If you’re a student, you can get it for half the normal price, too. 

How to hack Amazon online shopping

Amazon shopping tips and tricks

4. Share your account

You can add someone else to your Prime accounts and split the cost or just share benefits. They can’t see what you buy but everyone gets the perks. 

Digital content perks of Prime

5. Get digital content perks only 

You can get a version of Prime for just their streaming and digital content.

Amazon shopping tips and hacks

6. Check out Amazon Launchpad

Amazon Launchpad is a site with cute little gift ideas but the cool thing is that it has deals under $5, $10, and $20. The items are cheaper than they are on the regular Amazon. 

7. Check out Amazon Renewed

Get refurbished items from Amazon.

8. Shop Amazon Warehouse

You’ll find damaged boxed and returned items here.

9. Scour Amazon Outlet

Get overstocked items from Amazon. You can get Amazon’s A to Z guarantee on Amazon outlet, warehouse, and renewed items. It’s usually limited stock and I suggest you check these three sites often.

Amazon Movers and Shakers

10. Learn about Amazon Movers and Shakers

This site is divided into categories. This site has the items with the biggest increase in sales in the past 24 hours. So if an item sells a bajillion times, it’ll be on that list and why. It’s usually because it’s an amazing deal. These deals sell out super fast. It’s important to check this section out all the time. It’s a little hidden secret. 

11. Get Amazon coupons

Amazon has coupons. They are usually combined with drive-and-save deals so you can stack coupons that way.  

Score seller’s coupons

12. Score seller’s coupons

You may have heard about these amazing seller coupon codes. But nobody really knows where they come from. I get sent hundreds of coupon codes a day. This is because I run an Amazon Facebook Group where we post the best Amazon deals.

Sellers want to get the coupon codes out there through people like me who promote deals. Find these codes through Amazon Facebook groups or search hashtags on Instagram and find people who are promoting deals. My Facebook group has over 50K members. 

Amazon shopping tricks

13. Find the best price

When you want to get the best price on the item, you will usually look at the buy box, which is not necessarily the best price. Scroll down to see what the third party or other sellers are selling their item for.

The same vendors compete to sell an item for a lower price. Whoever owns the buy box sells the most items. That buy box is always the lowest price so check the other sellers.

Compare prices with Popcart

14. Compare prices with Popcart

Sometimes Amazon does not have the best price on an item. But how do you know? Comparing with other retailers will take forever. The best way to check is to get a price comparison tool. My favorite tool is Popcart. When you begin searching for an item, it pops up with a sidebar with price comparisons. 

Compare prices with Honey

15. Compare prices with Honey

The other great price comparison app is This app puts coupon codes up and the lowest prices that item has ever been. This helps you know if you should wait for the item to go lower in price or if you should buy it right then.

16. Price drop reimbursements after purchase 

If you bought an item shipped by Amazon (not a third-party seller), and the price drops the next day, usually (but not always), they will refund you the price difference. They won’t refund you the price if it’s a special sale, like Black Friday or an Amazon Prime event.

17. Tip for delayed Prime packages

If your packages are delayed, message them and tell them. If it was Amazon’s fault, they will extend your Prime membership or oftentimes they’ll give you a couple of dollars back on your membership. 

18. Shopping cart trick for price drops

If you’re worried you’ll miss the price drop on an item you’re watching, add it to your cart and hit “save for later.” Amazon will alert you when that item has dropped in price.

How to hack Amazon online shopping

19. Learn this money-saving hack

Type exactly what you’re looking for in the search bar. For example: “Jewelry for under $5 with free shipping” or “Earrings under $1” and hit enter. Then you’ll see everything there is. In the sort-by box in the upper right-hand corner, hit Low to High for amazing deals.

How to hack Amazon online shopping

I hope you learned some new things about shopping on Amazon! I have a ton more secrets that Amazon doesn’t want you to know about.

Was there anything on this list that helped you score a deal? Do you have any secrets you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Kat56957405 Kat56957405 on Nov 04, 2022

    I shop on Amazon I have a discounted prime membership because I'm on public assistance but there are a couple things I did not know about like the Amazon renewed the warehouse and the outlet I will try those thanks for the info I always want to save a book.