The Best Aldi Finds You Can Buy Right Now

by Simplify

If there is an Aldi near your house, plan a shopping spree right now. Gina from the Gina’s Shopping Life YouTube channel is sharing her best Aldi finds for this week.

The first thing is Premium Patio Gazebo. Gina notes that the size of this is irregular, so replacing the cover might be an issue. There is a three-piece outdoor set to complete the gazebo with, the price for which just went down $100, which is a third of its original price!

For the kitchen, Gina found bamboo chopping blocks for $15, huge $20 cheese boards that come with utensils inside, and a $20 “Maximize cabinet space” socket shelf for condiments and spices. There is also a great basket cooler for just $10 that will keep foods either cool or hot for you. A personal table/tray is only $17, and the height is adjustable.

Shopping cart in a supermarket

For the bathroom, $8 Huntington Home bathmats come in three colors and feel really nice. Another Huntington Home product is a 3-in-1 stick vacuum for $28. There are also some cleaning supplies available for a decent price.

Holiday items are out! Gina found a few great ones, including Christmas cookie cutters and cupcake liners. Also great for winter, Serra warm fluffy socks are only $5 per two pairs and come in a variety of colors. Finally, $30 portable heaters will definitely come in handy.

Moving on to foods, a lot of ice creams are marked down as the colder season is approaching. Gina also recommends bacon-wrapped shrimp and crab cakes. Hamburger patties are only $10 for ten patties, surely one of the top Aldi finds. And lastly, make sure to check out the “Specially Selected line”, with crackers, breadsticks, and more.

Aldi finds

Hopefully, Gina’s Aldi finds this week have given you some ideas for your nearest shopping. Which items would you get for your home? Did Gina miss any must-buy Aldi items? Let us know in the comments!

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To see more videos, check out the Gina's Shopping Life YouTube channel.

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  • Meg Gentry Brooke Meg Gentry Brooke on Nov 28, 2022

    I love their chocolates for the Christmas season as well as the marzipan stolen!

    • Joh52149270 Joh52149270 on Nov 30, 2022

      I purchased the Marzipan Stolen, and it only has a small glob of marzipan in the middle the size of a quarter. Very disappointed

  • Dorothy Simpson Willis Dorothy Simpson Willis on Nov 28, 2022

    Love their dark chocolate Moser Roth especially dark sea salt variety.

    also the Dill dip, it’s delicious.

    My favorite is the pint size ice cream “Thank you Cherry Much’”. Delicious ❤️ it is cherry ice cream with chunks of real cherries & small chunks of chocolate.

    also their organic items are excellent so I’m glad to see a lot .

    also organic popcorn in a bag is great. Lots of other items❤️ I understand they are as big as Walmart in Europe !