Walmart Secret Treasures: How to Buy Inexpensive Luxury Items

by Simplify

Walmart has recently been great with inexpensive high-end items. Kallie Branciforte is sharing the Walmart secret treasures that allowed her to decorate her house on a budget.

Let’s start with home decor. There are some amazing lighting pieces: Kallie found a lamp that costs $200 in a different store for just $40! She recommends browsing the website to see more options. Another thing to take a look at is Walmart pots: Kallie swears by their quality.

Walmart also offers a great assortment of table setting items. The fabric napkins are easy to wash, and they elevate the look of the table. The luxurious-looking matte gold silverware is under $25, identical ones sell at other places for $50 and up.

The “Thyme & Table” kitchen line offers amazing-looking kitchen tools and table sets for cheap, and kitchen towels from Better Homes & Gardens look timeless and have a perfect 5-star rating. Kallie also recommends the small throw rugs that do not slide around.

Tablescape ideas

As for furniture, Kallie got a C-table that saves a ton of space in a small living room. The stools for $30 are also a steal. Check out My Texas Home for cheap throw pillows. Finally, in terms of clothing, do not miss the comfy loungewear and the Time and Tru line that offers trendy but wearable pieces (may need to size up). The shoes are highly recommended as well.

A huge tip for shopping at Walmart is using their app. It allows you to scan products while at the store and instantly see reviews. On top of that, Kallie teaches us how to find secret clearance at Walmart. Some things have been marked down, but the price tags at the store have not been updated yet, so by scanning the barcode you can see the new price and find some incredible deals.

Walmart secret treasures

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  • Jsm9707138 Jsm9707138 on Nov 10, 2022

    I have always loved Walmart over Target…

    My motto….” If you can’t find it at Walmart you can’t find it”…

    Your video was Great!!

    I just shared your YouTube videos with my adult daughters… you have a fun and informative way.

    Thanks, you have 3 new followers!

  • Judith Judith on Jan 05, 2023

    Love your video. So much good information. I do shop at Walmart quite


    Happy New Year!!!