This Amazing Tiny House With a View Even Features a Hot Tub

by Simplify

Claire and Tim certainly have a tiny house with a view. Tucked away in a beautiful regenerating forest, they have an open view of the New Zealand coast, as well as a private walking track down to a swimming beach. Located on Tim’s parents' property, this tiny house is surrounded by trees, gardens, and the Pacific Ocean.

Tim and Claire decided to have fun with the design, starting with the elegant black exterior with green accents. Claire would have preferred something a little bolder, but ultimately, they decided to go with something that blended into the surrounding area.

Claire and Tim also want to use their tiny home lifestyle to create a more sustainable future: Claire spends a lot of time gardening and using permaculture to enrich the land. She even uses fertilizer from the composting toilet to strengthen the fruit trees.

The interior of the home is 23.6 feet long and 9.5 feet wide. The decor is in harmony with the forest that surrounds it, with potted plants and wooden beams providing a tree-house vibe.

A branch rescued from an old tree at Tim’s family home acts as a focal point for the room. The theme is continued with wooden cabinets made from recycled timber, painted blue for warmth, and countertops made from locally sourced wood.

The tiny house even features a hot tub

This DIY tiny home on wheels is made with entertaining in mind. The large green couch and table can unfold into a bed, and an upstairs guest loft with a bookcase doubles as a reading room.

The couch is equipped with under-seat storage, and the table is modular, functioning as a desk, dining, or coffee table, depending on how it is folded and what is needed.

Claire and Tim’s love for nature can be seen in their outdoor shower, which provides an opportunity to shower outside while taking in the views. There’s even a hot tub for rest and relaxation.

Tiny house with a view

Altogether, this tiny house with a view shows that tiny living can be a great way to enjoy being in harmony with nature—and having a nice hot tub nearby doesn’t hurt, either.

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