Tiny House Tour in Nelson, BC: What It's Like Staying in a Tiny Home

That Hippie Family
by That Hippie Family

Are you ready for a tiny house tour? Chad and I are going for a little overnight trip; we're staying in a tiny house and then going for a hike. Nelson is known as the hippiest place in Canada, so it's also our favorite place in BC.

Tiny house exterior


The outside of the tiny house and surrounding woods. Beautiful, let’s go inside. 

Tiny house entryway

Tiny house entryway 

This tiny house has an entryway that is tile flooring. This is an Airbnb and the owners are very specific about removing your shoes. The outside area is surrounded by nature and full of sticky little things on the ground and the owners don't want it all over their house. 

Bookshelves on the left and a window on the right make the tiny entryway seem spacious.

Airbnb home manual

Home manual

Every time we get to an Airbnb, there's always a little book, usually a guide on how the house works, and some local tips or advice. This guidebook is super important because it has the house manual. They have a composting toilet here as well and I cannot wait to show you this one.

Floor-to-ceiling windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows

I love that this whole side of the house has these giant windows really connecting with nature.  

Stairs to the loft

Stairs to loft

As you walk through the entryway, you’ll pass the ladder that leads upstairs to the bedroom.

Living room in a tiny house with a wood stove

Living room

Next up is the living room with a wood stove and oversized cozy chair.

Inside a tiny house

The living room is right next to the kitchen.

Tiny house kitchen


The kitchen has a mini fridge, cold water, and limited hot water because this is supposed to be an eco-friendly house, which is why they try to be as energy efficient as possible by not heating too much water.

Overhead storage in the kitchen

There is also overhead storage for pots and pans.

Tiny house bathroom


It's that time again. Bathroom tour. The sink and counter storage area in the bathroom. Plenty of room for necessities and towels.

Composting toilet

Composting toilet

We have a composting toilet here which is, I believe, similar to a Nature's Head brand composting toilet, or it could even be a Nature's Head. It's one of those fancy composting toilets.


They don't have any sawdust or peat moss to put on top, so I'm thinking that they have already pre-filled it and we just turn it. Also, they put their toilet paper in the composting part, which probably takes a long time to biodegrade, but that's how they do it.  

We have a composting toilet at home, but it's different from this one.

Bookshelves in the loft


As we head to the bedroom, you can see the bookshelves that have been built from the loft floor to the ceiling.

Bedroom in the tiny house loft

We are in the bedroom. It is so cute and cozy up here. It's a tall loft, so you can walk around on one side, but there is a short side where the ceiling slopes, you have to watch your head. 

Bedroom in a tiny home

Windows and dresser in the other wall of the bedroom.

Tiny house tour


My favorite part of the entire tiny house is that there's a "library" here.

Tiny house tour

That’s all from us from this tiny house tour in British Columbia. We hope you liked it and got some inspiration for your own tiny house. What was your favorite room? Let us know in the comments. 

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